South Glens Falls Village Board

The South Glens Falls Village Board voted to approve a 23 percent raise for itself last year. From left, Trustee Christine Elms, Village Clerk/Treasurer Shannon Kelleher, Trustee Tim Carota, Mayor Harry Gutheil, Trustee Nick Bodkin and Trustee Tony Girard are seen.

SOUTH GLENS FALLS — The woman who made history in South Glens Falls last year when she won a seat on the Village Board is not running for re-election.

Christine Elms, a Green Party member who ran for the Village Board two years in a row before succeeding last year, is not running this year.

She promised to make a statement but did not. A friend later confirmed she had decided not to run, but offered no details as to why.

The election will be Tuesday, March 19, at Village Hall.

Elms was the Village Board’s first Green Party member and made headlines around the state as a rare victory for the small party.

She was also the second woman ever to be elected to the Village Board.

Elms had tried to win a seat in a contested race for two spots in 2017, but came in third.

Last year, the village held a special election to fill a seat after a resignation. Elms was the only one to go through the effort to get on the ballot, organizing the local Green Party and holding a caucus in a living room. Two other residents tried to run a late write-in campaign, but she won with 62 votes.

During her year in office she has been fairly quiet, rarely offering comment during public meetings. She was roundly criticized at her first meeting, at which the board had to vote on a budget, because she voted yes to a budget that included a 23 percent raise for all board members.

She had promised to knock on doors monthly to find out what residents wanted their government to do, and to try to inspire young people to get politically active.

Elms, 31, grew up in Moreau and graduated from South High. She works at the Adirondack Pub and Brewery in Lake George.

The village election promises to be a competitive one this year despite Elms not running. The Republicans and Democrats are holding caucuses to pick their candidates for two board seats.

Board member Tim Carota, a Republican, is seeking the GOP endorsement to run for re-election. He has been on the board since 2009.

All party members in the village can attend and vote at their party’s caucus.

The Republican caucus will be held at 7:15 p.m. Jan. 28 at Village Hall.

The Democratic caucus will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 29 at the Moreau Community Center.

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