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GLENS FALLS — A baby’s comfort is just one of the advantages of choosing cloth over plastic, said Casey Yeager, who speaks with the passion of a cleric about the “cloth diaper community.”

Cloth facilitates bonding between the parent and child and bridges generations as older relatives swap stories with young parents about vintage diapering methods, although elastic has replaced safety pins as the fastener of choice, she said.

Cloth fits with a mindset that values recycling, said Yeager, owner of Casey’s Cloth Service, a cloth diaper service in Glens Falls that picks up dirty diapers and delivers clean ones to customers in six counties, from Queensbury south to Broadalbin, in Fulton County.

Yeager, a mother of three children ages 2, 10 and 15, started out as a devotee of “crunching,” a school of thought that focuses on alternatives to mainstream parenting methods, one of which is using cloth diapers.

She started laundering diapers for relatives and friends to encourage them to use cloth instead of plastic, and that evolved into a business she launched in 2015.

It’s a service-based business with a purpose, Yeager said.

“It’s really important for me to empower working moms,” she said.

Yeager currently has 52 customers, most of whom she supplies with diapers and pails.

Once a week, the customer leaves the pail of dirty diapers on the front porch, and Yeager or an associate comes along to pick it up and leave a supply of clean, pre-folded diapers.

The cost for the full service is $100 a month.

Some customers buy their own diapers, and Yeager just launders them.

Yeager also sells baby supplies, such as balms and cleaning wipes, and teaches cloth diapering classes.

She operates the business from a back room at her home on Glen Street in Glens Falls, doing most of the work herself.

Her husband helps with pickup and delivery, and an occasional part-time employee helps when needed.

Setting up an eventual “brick-and-mortar location” is her goal.

Yeager previously worked in banking — as a teller, loan officer and investment banker.

She still does part-time mortgage brokering, in addition to working at her business full-time.

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