FORT EDWARD — There’s a race for town supervisor, and both incumbent and challenger are pointing to the former General Electric Co. dewatering site as a reason they should be elected.

Democrat and incumbent Terry Middleton is seeking re-election, but Republican Lester Losaw is challenging him. Both have received their respective parties’ endorsements.

Middleton has served on the Town Board for more than a decade and is a third-generation resident. Outside of politics, Middleton was part of the Eastern Millwright Regional Council, a group of professionals who work on complex industrial machinery.

If re-elected to the supervisor post, this would be his second term.

While the former General Electric Co. dewatering site has been a source of turmoil for Fort Edward over the years, Middleton believes the outcome so far has been a success and voters should re-elect him.

“We were able to keep the dewatering site on the tax rolls, and hopefully it’s going to spur economic development for the town, village and county,” he said.

The site was given at the end of last year to the new nonprofit Fort Edward Local Property Development Corp. from original owner WCC. It remains to be seen what the LPDC will do with the property, or how it will generate tax revenue. So far, it is delinquent to Washington County $400,000 in taxes.

Neal Orsini, a Town Board member and the only known member of the LPDC, has said he’s getting to know the site and is recruiting six prospective board members. He hasn’t publicly shared his plans for the site yet, but he told a Post-Star reporter that he thinks “it will benefit the community once it’s done.”

Losaw said he’s running against Middleton because, based on what he’s read in the newspaper, there appears to be a transparency issue around the dewatering site. He also thinks it’s important to have competition in an election.

“I’m not saying anyone has done anything wrong,” Losaw said. “It just leaves a lot of questions. The LPDC they’ve started up, that’s really questionable.”

He also did not think the budget for the Rogers Island Visitor Center should have been cut by about two-thirds, as it was. He’d like to see the town assist the Rogers Island Heritage Development Alliance with promoting the birthplace of the Army Rangers and taking care of the town-owned building.

Losaw has been a Fort Edward resident for about four decades. He worked as a machinist in South Glens Falls for about 30 years. He has also had experience with local government budgets, serving in clerk and assistant positions in Fort Edward and Thurman. He is currently the treasurer for the village of Cambridge.

There are other positions on November’s ballot in Fort Edward, including two Town Board seats. Democrats and incumbents Timothy Fisher and Jeanie Mullen are seeking re-election. They have no challengers.

Town Clerk Aimee Mahoney is also seeking re-election and has no challengers.

Finally, Town Highway Superintendent Brian Brockway is seeking re-election. He is being challenged by Republican Daniel Cantiello.

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