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Former Salem Town Board candidate wins by four votes

Former Salem Town Board candidate wins by four votes

In Hebron, challenger Jill Nadolski, a Democrat, defeated Republican James Nelson


FORT EDWARD — The ballot count started off poorly for former Salem Town Board member Laura Dunham.

She had been ahead of challenger Robert Jarvis by two votes on Election Night.

But when the Washington County election commissioners recanvassed, they found an error.

She was actually only ahead by one vote.

The Board of Elections workers found that one ballot had been registered as “unscannable” by the machine. That one was not a vote for her.

Then there were 31 absentee ballots to count, plus five affidavits — emergency ballots cast on Election Night when the voter’s name isn’t listed in the polling book. That can happen when a voter stops voting — they become “inactive.” But the paper vote that they cast can still be counted if the person did not vote anywhere else and can prove they still live in the voting district.

With 36 ballots to count, either candidate could have won. In the end, the former incumbent pulled ahead by just four votes.

Dunham won with 358 votes, while Jarvis had 354.

There were two seats up on the Town Board, but the other one was determined on Election Night. The clear winner was Republican Brenda Levey. After Wednesday’s count, her total was 442 votes.

All results are still unofficial.

Washington County also counted the ballots in the Hebron Town Board race, which was close on Election Night.

Challenger Jill Nadolski, a Democrat, defeated incumbent James Nelson, a Republican, by just six votes.

Nadolski finished with 202 votes, while Nelson received 196 votes.

The other incumbent for the two seats on the board, Republican Sanford Craig, won with 218 votes.

It’s remarkable to have all three candidates within 22 votes of each other.

The only undecided race in the region is for Ticonderoga Town Board. Incumbent Thomas Cunningham is behind by two votes with up to 74 absentees to be counted. He’s up against Heath Towne, who has 538 votes to his 536. Cunningham ran on the Democratic and an independent line; Towne was on the Republican line. That race will be counted on Friday.

Election 2019 chart

The following are live election unofficial results that will change in real time. An * indicates a winner.

Town/City Race Party Name Votes
Warren County
Glens Falls Ward 1 county supervisor D Jack Diamond - I 156*
R, I Nancy Underwood 131
Ward 2 county supervisor R, I Matthew Brown 285
D, C Peter McDevitt - i 382*
Ward 3 county supervisor D Claudia Braymer - i 473*
L Nathan Dunn 94
Ward 4 county supervisor D, WF Stephen Baratta 124
R, I Daniel Bruno 140*
Bolton Town Board (2) D, C, I Carole Newell 179
R Susan Wilson - i 327*
R Robert Macewan - i 331*
Chester Supervisor D, I, L Craig Leggett - i 541*
R, C John Maday 396
Town Board (2) D Bernard McCann 396
R Mike Packer - i 585*
R Chris Aiken 608*
Hague Supervisor R Edna Frasier - i 192*
ind. Joshua Patchett 113
Horicon Town Board (2) R Peter Palmer 282*
R Sylvia Smith - i 277*
I Patrick Farrell 137
Johnsburg Supervisor D, C Andrea Hogan - i 501*
R Daniel B. Hitchcock 159
Town Board (2) R Eugene Arsenault - i 421*
R Justin Gonyo 390*
ind. Peter Olesheski Jr. - i 334
Highway Superintendent R, ind. Frederick Comstock III 449*
ind. Michael Denno 177
Lake George Town Board (2) D Dan Hurley - i 473*
R, I Marisa Muratori - i 534*
R, I Sean Quirk 408
Queensbury Supervisor-at-large (4) D Jean Lapper 2,828
R, I, L Doug Beaty - i 3,004*
R, I Mike Wild - i 3,298*
R, I Brad Magowan - i 3,238*
R, I Rachael Seeber 3,022*
Town Board, Ward 2 D, C, I Harrison Freer 745*
R David Deeb 584
Town Board, Ward 4 D Jennifer Switzer - i 520*
I G. Travis Whitehead 394
Thurman Supervisor D, ind. Cynthia Hyde - i 205
R, ind. Susan Shepler 239*
Town Clerk D, ind. Susan Staples - i 238*
R, ind. Gail Seaman 197
Town Board (2) D Randy Galusha 260*
D, ind. Kathy Templeton 163
R, ind. Janet Wood 222
R, ind. Edward Brown 266*
Warrensburg Town Board (2) D, C Rich Larkin 325*
R Donne-Lynn Winslow - i 364*
R Linda Baker Marcella - i 303
ind. Janet Tallman 86
Washington County
Argyle Town Board (2) D, ind. Dawn Bevilacqua 364
R Stephen Bonhote - i 696*
D, ind. Robin Lyle 354
R Patrick Sullivan - i 657*
Dresden Supervisor D, ind. George Gang 55
R, ind. Paul Ferguson - i 145*
Town Board (2) i Marc Brown 95
R John Barber Jr. - i 116*
R, ind. Allen Wilbur - i 124*
Fort Edward Supervisor D, ind. Terry Middleton - i 433
R Lester Losaw 466*
Superintendent of Highways R, ind. Danielle Cantiello 333
D, ind. Brian Brockway - i 506*
Greenwich Supervisor D, ind. Sara Idleman - i 701
R, ind. Don Ward 731*
Town Board (2) D, ind. Pat Donahue 686
R, ind. Jeff Duxbury 670
D, ind. Audrey Fischer 631
R Julie Sipperly 660
Hebron Town Board (2) R Sanford Craig - i 218*
D, ind. Jill Nadolski 202*
R James Nelson - i 196
Superintendent of Highways D, ind. Floyd Pratt - i 249*
I Scott Taylor 21
R Craig Watrous 93
Kingsbury Town Board (2) R Richard Doyle - i 723*
R Jane Havens 641*
D Jeffrey Zappieri 424
Putnam Town Board (2) R, ind. Charles Bain Sr. 158*
R, ind. Christopher Mallon 149*
i Larry Shiell 98
Salem Supervisor D, ind. Evera Sue Clary - i 471*
R Howard Law 275
Town Board (2) D, ind. Laura Dunham 358*
R Robert Jarvis 354
R Brenda Levey 442*
D, ind. Christine Michael 305
Highway Superintendent R Travis Keys - i 465*
D, ind. Scott Perkins 279
White Creek Supervisor D, ind. James Griffith 352*
R Robert Shay - i 331
Town Board (2) R Gregory Austin 327
D, ind. Tammy Taber - i 378*
R Lance Allen Wang - i 379*
Saratoga County
Moreau Town Board (2) D John 'J.D.' Donohue 1,283*
R, C, I Gina LeClair - i 1,268*
R, C, I Alan VanTassel - i 1,078
Saratoga Town Board (2) R, C Ruth L. Drumm 541*
D Bryan Drew 387
R, C, I Gary Squires - i 561*
D James Sullivan 399
Wilton Supervisor D, WF Nancy Dwyer 1,617
R, C, I John Lant 2,221*
Town Justice (2) R, C, I, L Matthew Coseo - i 2,466*
R, C, I, L David Towne - i 2,532*
D Richard Wolfe 1,391
Town Board (2) D, WF Michele Hill-Davis 1,533
R, C, I Erinn Kolligian 2,520*
R, C, I, L Raymond O'Conor 2,430*
Highway Superintendent D John Helenek 1,750
R, C, I, L Kirklin Woodcock - i 2,052*
County wide
Hamilton County District Attorney D, ind. Paul Roalsvig 804
R, C, I Christopher Shambo 1,041*
County Judge R, C Tatiana Coffinger 1,104*
I James Hyde 34
D, ind. Marsha King Purdue 812
Long Lake Town Board (2) R Richard Dechene - i 229*
ind. Nathan Hosley 204
R Craig Seaman - i 274*
Essex County County Clerk R, C Joseph Provoncha - i 6,486*
ind. Kari Ratliff 2,796
Newcomb Town Board (2) D Paul Hai 112
R, ind. Paul LaCourse 132*
i David Olbert - i 121*
R, ind. Bethebelle Poulin 59
D Robert Stringer 73
Superintendent of Highways I Daniel Allen 19
R Clifford Demars 144*
ind. Norman Fifield 85
Schroon Supervisor ind. Jeffrey Subra 422*
R, ind. Margaret 'Meg' Wood 281
Town Board (2) i John Fear 302
R, ind. Richard Gero 473*
R Lance Gould 174
ind. Ethan Thompson 376*
Ticonderoga Town Board (2) D, ind. Thomas Cunningham 536*
R M. Mark Russell 722*
R Heath Towne 538
Superintendent of Highways R Salvatore Barnao - i 592*
ind. Paul Sharkey 68
Town/City Subject Yes* No
Regional Crandall Public Library budget Glens Falls 1,424 494
Queensbury 3,253 1,692
Moreau 1,192 777
Total 5,869 2,963
Argyle Prop. 1: Allow restaurants in town to serve alcohol 801 335
Prop. 2: Allow stores in town to sell beer and wine containers 793 340
Prop. 3: Allow taverns in town to serve alcohol and sell "to go" 776 355
Prop. 4: Allow retail liquor or wine stores in town 765 365
Putnam Prop. 1: Change term for supervisor from 2 to 4 years 142 63
Prop. 2: Change term for highway superintendent from 2 to 4 years 168 41
Prop. 3: Change term for town clerk from 2 to 4 years 160 49
Horicon Prop. 1: Increase benefit under Volunteer Firefighters Service Award Program 353 35
Prop. 2. Increase maximum years of service credit earned under VFSAP 328 59
Ticonderoga Prop. 1: Change term for supervisor from 2 to 4 years 283 641
11 area counties Fourth Judicial District (4) D Julie Garcia 68,580
679 of 681 precincts - 99% D Michael Violando 53,337
R, C Rebecca Slezak 82,640
R, C, L Dianne Freestone 83,566
R, C James Walsh 86,566
R, C Michael Cuevas 81,193

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