Queensbury Supervisor John Strough got out his red pen last week when it came time to approve the final version of the law requiring inspection of waterfront septic systems.

The Town Board had already spent two years discussing every detail in the law: when it would apply, how septic systems would be inspected, and so on.

But just before the vote, Strough brought up one final issue.

“Okay,” he said, “On-site. Are we going to do a hyphen or not a hyphen?”

For two long minutes, while a packed crowd sat watching, the board seriously discussed the word.

“Elsewhere in the code, it’s with a hyphen,” Strough noted, but consultant Kathy Bozony argued that the Department of Health doesn’t use a hyphen.

No one laughed. No one even giggled as the argument dragged on. Finally Strough ended it by saying, “Yeah, well, I don’t think it’s important in the long run.”

He decided to keep the hyphen.

Strough used to be a high school history teacher.

Road salt

Queensbury is contributing $5,000 this year toward the effort to keep road salt out of Lake George.

The town will use a “live edge” plow to scrape snow off streets near the lake. The plow is spring-loaded to keep it closer to the pavement than other plows. That means more snow will be moved before it turns to ice, and thus less salt may be used.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation offered a $200,000 grant to Queensbury and five other municipalities for the salt reduction project. That covered most of the cost of the plow and a second brine spreader and brine tank for the town to use. The plow itself was $20,000, although the town only had to put in $5,000.

“Pretty good deal, over all,” Strough said.

It is one of many things the towns near the lake are trying in the effort to keep salt out of the lake. They are also spraying brine on the roads before they freeze, instead of putting down salt. The theory is that brine sticks to the road better than salt and will keep ice from forming without as much salt washing off into the lake.

Painful backtracking

Remember the company that painted stripes on a portion of Luzerne Road just before a rainstorm? The stripes, which were laid down more thickly than normal due to the steepness of the road, washed away.

Now Town Board members have discovered that they never approved the striping job.

“We asked the new highway superintendent, ‘Did you get Town Board approval for the striping company?’” Strough said. “He said, ‘No, I didn’t think I had to.’ Well, you do.”

In response, the Town Board approved the $26,670 expense after the fact. The company, Seneca Pavement Marking Inc., will return to restripe the road and will pay for the cost of cleaning up the colored puddles left after the storm.

Don’t forget to vote

There’s a week and change left to vote for South Glens Falls teacher Jamie Metivier, wife of Queensbury Town Board member Tony Metivier. She’s in the running for $100,000 to support her Kindness Closet, which helps families in need.

There are 15 finalists vying for the money by Thank America’s Teachers through Farmers Insurance Group. The top five win $100,000 each. The vote ends Oct. 31 and people can vote for their favorite teacher once per day.

To vote for Metivier, go to bit.ly/voteJamieMetivier and scroll down to “Jamie Metivier.” After you vote, the system will send you an email, asking you to verify your vote. The vote only counts when you click on the link sent in that email.

Metivier asked residents to vote for his wife, whose Kindness Closet has things you might not imagine.

“She would give them a toaster oven, if they live in a hotel and they don’t have a toaster oven,” he said. “This is why I have three jobs.”

The winners will be announced in December.

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