Hydrant flushing

Moreau Water Department laborer Kristian Mechanick opens a hydrant on Reservoir Road to flush the water. The hydrant is one of many with a connector that does not link directly to fire hoses, so the South Glens Falls Fire Company wants the connector changed to speed up firefighting.

MOREAU — There is now a price tag for replacing the fittings on old hydrants that don’t easily connect to fire hoses.

But the price was too high for Supervisor Todd Kusnierz. It’s about $25,000, which is $250 per hydrant.

“It’s going to take awhile to get there,” Kusnierz said.

Water Superintendent Jesse Fish said 11 hydrants on Bluebird Road have non-standard fittings, which can be used if the fire truck carries a special adapter. In the industrial park, five more have their own fitting, which requires a different adapter.

Six more are in Water District 4, he said.

In Water District 6, every hydrant has the standard fitting.

“Because the town started requiring it,” he said.

Slowly, the town has made progress with older hydrants.

“A lot of the hydrants got changed,” he said.

In total, he estimated about 100 are left to be changed, scattered around the town.

He advocated for changing them all.

“You take off to the fire ... now you gotta figure out what hose (adapter) you start with,” he said. “It becomes a matter of time, and believe me, if it’s your home that’s burning, you’re going to want water on it sooner than later.”

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Kusnierz said he would rather paint the nonstandard hydrants in a color code so firefighters would quickly know which adapter to use. There are four adapters.

“I’d even be willing to support buying the adapter for every single truck,” he said.

But that’s not the issue, South Glens Falls Fire Company Chief Nicholas Quinn said.

Although town officials have been told the firefighters don’t have the adapters, Quinn said they have them in every truck. It’s not clear which is true.

In any case, Fish noted that standard fittings help in the case of a big fire.

“So any other firefighting unit that comes to our community, in a case of mutual aid, can hook up,” he said.

Town Board member John Hogan suggested replacing just the five hydrants in the industrial park that all have non-standard fittings.

“We don’t really need to outfit 100, though that would be ideal,” he said.

Kusnierz indicated he would support an incremental approach.

“It doesn’t happen overnight,” he said.

Quinn said he would contact the supervisor privately to try to come to a solution on the issue.

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