These are special names.

Names dutifully collected in scrapbooks and on index cards during and after major wars for later placement on honor rolls and monument walls. Names of people held dear by their families and friends who saw them go off to war and give their lives in service to their country. These names are still held dear.

On Memorial Day, as we look over this list, we are again reminded of the ultimate sacrifice paid by many of our servicemen and servicewomen from decade to decade, generation to generation.

World War I

Saratoga County

John H. Anderson, Saratoga Springs

Frank Aubin, Victory Mills

Lester Baldwin, Saratoga Springs

Mitchell Barton, Victory Mills

Charles Brady, Waterford

John W. Briggs, Waterford

Frank Brindza, town not available

William J. Burke, Mechanicville

Daniel S. Burrows, town not available

Harry J. Bush, Milton, town not available

Melville W. Cady, Greenfield

Michael Francis Carney, Corinth

Francis Casey, Mechanicville

Gaetano Cervoni, Mechanicville

Robert P. Clark, Clifton Park

Daniel C. Clemens, town not available

Edward F. Cofflinger, Schuylerville

Edward S. Connelly, Mechanicville

Clarence G. Coons, Waterford

Leroy S. Cope, Greenfield

Henry Cornell, Ballston Spa

Giovanni Costanzo, Mechanicville

Frank Curtin, Waterford

Lewis J. Cutler, Corinth

Pasquale A. DeMarco, town not available

Louis Dominick, Saratoga Springs

John L. Downing, Saratoga Springs

Seward Durvee, Gansevoort

Henry J. Dwyer, South Glens Falls

Fred Ebaldo, Mechanicville

Walter A. Fairman, Mechanicville

Thomas E. Fitzgerald, Ballston

Thomas N. Gallagher, Mechanicville

George Gilman, Ballston Spa

Arthur J. Green, Corinth

Walter Oliver Green, Corinth

LeRoy D. Gregory, town not available

George Gurtler Jr., Saratoga Springs

William Gurtler, Saratoga Springs

Alice B. Hagadorn, Corinth

George W. Harkrider, Mechanicville

Larson E. Henry Jr., Ballston Spa

Joseph L. Hogan, Mechanicville

Frank Jones, Saratoga Springs

Joseph Jones, Saratoga Springs

Russell B. Jones, Saratoga Springs

Frank Karaszkiewiez, Schuylerville

Peter Francis Kennedy, Charlton

Frank Kimball, Ballston Spa

Herbert H. Kuhn, town not available

Leo H. Ladds, Saratoga Springs

Vincent Lanahan, Waterford

Henry E. Larson, Ballston Spa

James S. Lunny, town not available

John Maceto, Ballston Spa

William Stuart MacKay, Saratoga Springs

Earl J. Manning, Stillwater

John J. Maxwell, Saratoga Springs

Richard McAllister, Mechanicville

Elmer J. McCann, Ballston

Bernard C. McEntee, Ballston Spa

Stuart W. McKay, Saratoga Springs

Gregory Miller, Mechanicville

Giovanni Muscietro, Ballston Spa

William Neuman, Stillwater

Francis A. Nolan, Wilton

William O’Brien, Ballston Spa

Levi Owens, town not available

George Pappas, Saratoga Springs

Arthur Perkins, Ballston Spa

Anthony Peters, Mechanicville

James E. Purtle, Mechanicville

Israel Putnam, Saratoga Springs

Daniel F. Reagan Jr., Saratoga Springs

George T. Record, Wilton

William J. Rocheleau, Waterford

Louis Roscoe, town not available

Harry L. Rowland, Saratoga Springs

William Sairman, Mechanicville

Edward D. Sargent, town not available

F.J. Smith, Stillwater

Leon W. Smith, Gansevoort

Thomas Smith, Stillwater

Ralph Spinks, Waterford

Ralph E. Tabor, Mechanicville

Roy Thomas, Ballston

William Tierney, Saratoga Springs

Charles Toombs, Mechanicville

Leon E. Tripp, Corinth

Francis Van Schoonhoven, Saratoga Springs

Roy Vandenburg, Corinth

Antonio Vannini, Waterford

Clarence VanWagoner, Saratoga Springs

Horace Douglas Washburn, Corinth

Rowland W. Waterbury, Saratoga Springs

Carl J. Weed, Saratoga Springs

Jerome E. Weeks, Saratoga Springs

Carl Wentworth, Moreau

Ralph F. Whitman, Mechanicville

George H. Whitney, Saratoga Springs

William J. Wilber, Saratoga Springs

Clement P. Yates, Saratoga Springs

John Yunch, Stillwater

Warren County

Harry Arnold, Glens Falls

George J. Beers, Bolton Landing

Harry J. Billetdoux, Glens Falls

David A. Blowers, Glens Falls

Seward J. Bragg, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Antonio Carella, town not available

Leo J. Cashion, Glens Falls

Merlin H. Clark, Pottersville

Francis J. Clear, Glens Falls

Percy Combs, Glens Falls

Perry J.G. Coombs, Glens Falls

James P. Davis, Glens Falls/Queensbury

George E. Fish, Chester

Clarence Foster, Glens Falls

Charles W. Fox, Graphite

Julius Frasier, Graphite

George H. French, North River

Bert S. Fuller, Stony Creek

John Fusco, Glens Falls

George Gilmour, Glens Falls

George W. Goodwin, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Vernando Hammond, North Chester

Carrol D. Harrington, Warrensburg

Ernest M. Haselton, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clifford D. Howe, Glens Falls

Forest H. Jenkins, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Edwin Johndrow, North Creek

Arthur H. Johnson, Glens Falls

Samuel Kaplan, Glens Falls

Ernest Knapp, Pottersville

Charles Kugel, Glens Falls

Harold H. Lang, Glens Falls/Queensbury

John B. LaRose, Glens Falls

Raymond L. LaRose, Glens Falls

Fred J. Lawrence, Glens Falls

Edward Lynch, North River

Cornelius J. Lyons, Glens Falls/Queensbury

J.H. Marshall, Johnsburg

George W. Maxam, Athol

Reuben Dornet McBride, Warrensburg

John C. McCarthy, Glens Falls

Patrick McCauliff, Graphite

Alfred McDonald, Lake George

William Mattison, Lake George

Charles Minahan, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Fred J. Montee, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clayton H. Morehouse, Horicon

George E. Moston, North Creek

Lawrence M. Osborne, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William Palmer, Glens Falls

Henry Payne, North Creek

Stanley M. Peterson, Glens Falls

Charles Pike, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Joseph Pouliotte, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Wilfred B. Putney, Glens Falls

Harry H. Rowland, Glens Falls

Allen M. Seaman, Bolton

James H. Simmons, Warrensburg

Ralph Simpkins, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Howard W. Sprague, Glens Falls

Jerome Stearns, Glens Falls

Jeremiah J. Sullivan, Glens Falls

John F. Sullivan, Glens Falls

Lawrence McKinlay Swan, Chester

Jesse Alsin Taft, Diamond Point

Walter H. Valentine, Glens Falls

William J. Varney, Hadley

Arthur P. Wallace, Glens Falls

Elwin D. Wells, Chester

Morton K. Wells, Glens Falls

Vernando M. Wells, Chester

Vinton R. Wells, Bolton Landing

John H. Wescott, Bakers Mills

Edson F. Young, Warrensburg

Washington County

Orin A. Andrus, Greenwich

Floyd J. Atkinson, Granville

Homer Barber, Greenwich

David Barclay, Fort Edward

Henry H. Barrows, Salem

Gerald L. Bartholomew, Whitehall

Frank J. Beaulac, Hudson Falls

Vernon W. Blanchard, Hudson Falls

John H. Blowers, Fort Edward

William C. Brannick, Granville

William J. Boyle, Whitehall

Charles Burguess, Granville

Clarence J. Clark, Granville

Thomas M. Cullen, Granville

James P. Davis, Hudson Falls

Clarence C. DeGroff, Granville

William E. Dunn, Putnam

William J. Dwyer, Fort Edward

John Falvey, Granville

Walter L. Flatley, Greenwich

Edgar L. Fursman, Hudson Falls

Emanuel Goldberg, Granville

Raymond W. Harvey, Fort Ann

Leonard W. Haskin, Granville

Lester Hyatt, Battenville

Forest H. Jenkins, Hudson Falls

Peter J. Johnson, Whitehall

Arvon Jones, Granville

George W. Jones, Fort Edward

Morgan S. Kelsey, Comstock

Thomas Kershlake, Salem

Alfred J. King, Cambridge

Dewey F. LaBell, Hudson Falls

Louis H. LaFarr, Hudson Falls

Charles Leonard, Whitehall

William Lyttle, Greenwich

Leslie M. MacNaughton, Fort Edward

David Manigeo, Granville

Homer E. Mattison, Comstock

Roland J. Mayotte, Hudson Falls

Earl W. Maxson, Cambridge

Leonard W. Mayrand, Hudson Falls

William L. McCabe, Whitehall

Edward T. McDonald, Comstock

Arthur T. McGee, Fort Edward

John J. Millett, Greenwich

Nelson J. Moore, Middle Granville

Hugh E. Morrison, Cambridge

Allen S. Norton, Hudson Falls

Frank O’Connell, Fort Edward

Clarence J. Orr, Hudson Falls

David Owens, Granville

Henry G. Pike, Whitehall

Joseph P. Pouliotte, Hudson Falls

Harry H. Robbins, Salem

Frank Seeley, Hudson Falls

George Shaw, Hampton

Lawrence D. Sheldon, Salem

Ralph Simpkins, Hartford

Daniel S. Smart, Cambridge

James A. Smith, Whitehall

Cameron R. Steele, Hudson Falls

William Steenson, Greenwich

Frank Stiles, Greenwich

John D. Terry, Salem

Eugene W. Towne, Thomson

Frank VanDusen, Hudson Falls

Francis L. VanHeusen, Hudson Falls

Ralph Warner, Granville

William J. Welch, Greenwich

Andrew H. Whalen, Whitehall

George G. Wheeler, Whitehall

Reuben Wilbur, Clemons

Burtiss H. Williams, Argyle

Griffith Williams, Granville

George Wright, Cambridge

World War II

Saratoga County

Alonzo D. Allen, South Glens Falls

Arthur L. Allen, Corinth

Leon Lester Allen, Moreau

Thomas P. Allenby Jr., Corinth

Robert M. Anderson, Ballston Lake

Anthony J. Andrullis, Corinth

Walter J. Annis, Saratoga Springs

Robert D. Arnold, Ballston Spa

Gilbert Austin, Minerva

George Baber, Saratoga Springs

Raymond L. Bacon, Mechanicville

Maurice Baillargeon, Waterford

Emerson Baker, Hadley

Floyd B. Baker, South Glens Falls

Wilfred Baldwin, Saratoga Springs

William W. Barbour, Corinth

Clifford A. Barlow, Greenfield

William E. Barney, Greenfield

William Perry Beardsley, Ballston Spa

Fred H. Beck, Mechanicville

Earl B. Bemis, Corinth

Charles J. Benardo, Waterford

Anthony Beninati, Mechanicville

Harry F. Beninati, Ballston Spa

Elmer Benton, Indian Lake

Donald Beyer, Corinth

William Biette, Halfmoon

George J. Biffer, Saratoga Springs

Lyle Bohannon, Whitehall

Maurice Borden, Waterford

Julian Merl Boswell, Clifton Park

Ralph Boucher, Mechanicville

James I. Brackett Jr., Saratoga Springs

Thomas H. Brennan, Corinth

Robert R. Brisson, Waterford

Clifford H. Brownell, Corinth

Frederick J. Bruce, Moreau

Milton Bryk, Waterford

John Buckowski, Milton

Richard D. Bullard, Schuylerville

Charles A. Burdick, Saratoga Springs

John G. Burgess, Ballston Spa

Leslie W. Burr, Corinth

James S. Buzanowski, Rock City Falls

William J. Campbell Jr., Milton

Raymond T. Carey Jr., Schuylerville

Joseph F. Carp, Mechanicville

Joseph H. Cartier, Ballston Spa

Dominick T. Cassella, Waterford

Raymond R. Chamberlin, Saratoga Springs

Harold W. Chapman, South Glens Falls

Ernest Charbonneau, Clifton Park

Rodney Chase Jr., Schuylerville

Eugene Chouiniere, Waterford

Gilbert L. Clark, Saratoga Springs

Eugene B. Cleply, Galway

John J. Conley, Moreau

Theodore F. Connor, Ballston Spa

Elmer Harper Copeland, South Glens Falls

Joseph M. Corlew, South Glens Falls

Francis J. Cote, Corinth

Frank J. Cox, Ballston Spa

Donald J. Cramer, Waterford

Robert F. Crandall, Mechanicville

Robert B. Crouch, Ballston Spa

Ernest C. Cull, Ballston Spa

David Currie, Clifton Park

Charles L. Currier, Gansevoort

Clifford E. Danforth, Saratoga Springs

Michael R. DeChants, Saratoga Springs

Anthony J. DeFilippo, Ballston Spa

Emanuel Dejnozka, Jr., Rock City Falls

Jeremiah E. Delaney, Saratoga Springs

Seymour J. DeRidder, Ballston Spa

Frank S. DeRossi, Saratoga Springs

Stephen A. Desidoro, Saratoga Springs

Victor H. DeVoe, Waterford

Donald H. DeVoll, Moreau

Leon G. Dibble Jr., Round Lake

Charles W. Diehl, Saratoga Springs

Henry L. Dingman, Corinth

Valentine R. DiPasquale, Ballston Spa

Eugene DiTommaso, Waterford

Robert J. Dower, Ballston Spa

Joseph F. Driscoll Jr., Ballston Spa

Richard Duffy, Whitehall

Frank Dufore, Saratoga Springs

James A. Dunnigan, Saratoga Springs

Donald L. Edgar, town not available

Arnold Edgerly, Fort Edward

William F. Farrell, Mechanicville

George Ferguson, town not available

Francis J. Finnemore, Ballston Spa

William J. Flanagan, Saratoga Springs

Sidney N. Flewelling, Corinth

Charles Fort, Mechanicville

William Fountaine, Halfmoon

Richard M. Fowler, Hadley

Thomas H. Fox, Mechanicville

Richard Fraker, Edinburgh

William H. Freeman Jr., Ballston Spa

Kenneth F. Freemire, Round Lake

Joseph L. Gagnon, Greenfield

Robert M. Gallett, Corinth

Ellis W. Garmley, Mechanicville

Victor F. Gaynor, Greenfield

J. Richard Gebhardt, Saratoga Springs

Joseph R. Gebhardt, Saratoga Springs

William George Jr., Hadley

Edward Gickowski, Mechanicville

Joseph Gilheany Jr., Mechanicville

William G. Godfrey, Ballston

Wilson N. Gorham, Round Lake

Edmund F. Gould, Mechanicville

Frank J. Goverski, Halfmoon

Joseph F. Green, Mechanicville

William Griffin, Mechanicville

Hugo R. Grubb, Saratoga Springs

Frederick Gubenia, Ticonderoga

Everett M. Hall, Saratoga Springs

David B. Hansen, Ballston

Elmer L. Harman Jr., Corinth

Delour A. Hart, Stillwater

Leon M. Hartman, Corinth

Howard Hasting, Stillwater

George D. Hathaway, Schuylerville

Leland E. Hazzard, Waterford

Harold Heckeler, Ballston

Allan S. Herrington, Malta

Donald E. Hewitt, Schuylerville

Robert Hicks, Waterford

Norman G. Hitchcock, Round Lake

Harry S. Hoffman, Mechanicville

Robert L. Holland, Corinth

Ambers H. Howard, town not available

Dustin C. Howe, Saratoga Springs

Robert Huot, Glens Falls

John F. Huntley Jr., Wilton

Wilbur L. Ikenberry, Schuylerville

Madoc Irish, Schuylerville

Marvin Isenberg, Ballston Spa

Albert W. Izzo, Saratoga Springs

Frank Izzo, Mechanicville

Paul E.A. Jackson, Saratoga Springs

Jacob C. Jacobs, Round Lake

Charles J. Jarvis, Saratoga Springs

William Jelens Jr., Wilton

Howard Johnson, Mechanicville

Alva E. Jones, Waterford

John Francis Jones, Corinth

William J. Jones, Saratoga Springs

John Jurcsak, Ballston Spa

Matthew A. Just, Clifton Park

Morris A. Katchor, Saratoga Springs

Ronald J. Kaulfuss, Saratoga Springs

William P. Kelly, Saratoga Springs

Charles L. Keniry, Mechanicville

Marshall Kennedy, Schuylerville

Robert J. Kidwell, Waterford

Kevin B. Killea, town not available

Joseph W. King, Ballston Spa

Louis N. King, Corinth

Stanley H. Kingman, town not available

Fred F. Kingsbury, Ballston

Robert B. Kirkman, town not available

William Knapp, Salem

Ralph H. Knickerbocker, Moreau

Andrew Kobliska Jr., Corinth

Benjamin W. Kolobus, Halfmoon

Stanley J. Kopacki, Clifton Park

Alexander J. Krawiecki, Clifton Park

Chester V. Krawiecki, Clifton Park

William Lawyer, Mechanicville

Kenneth F. LeBarron, Ballston Spa

Arthur LeClaire, Schuylerville

Henry F. Lefco, Mechanicville

Eugene Lessard, Waterford

Morris Lipfield, town not available

Norman Little, Mechanicville

Ambrose A. Lombardo, Ballston Spa

Lawrence J. Long Jr., Ballston Spa

William H. Loveland, Corinth

William A. Luciano, Moreau

Floyd M. Mabb, Ballston Spa

Bruce S. MacKinlay, Mechanicville

Dual MacIntyre, Corinth

Norman H. Mackay, Saratoga Springs

Bruce S. MacKinlay, Mechanicville

Donald J. MacMillin, Milton

Joseph J. Maggio, town not available

James R. Maloney, Mechanicville

Charles H. Malpass, Waterford

John A. Mancini, Ballston

Henry A. Marcella, Mechanicville

William McCarthy, Fort Edward

John T. McCarty, Schuylerville

James T. McEvoy, Mechanicville

Paul V. McGhan, Saratoga Springs

James M. McGirr, Saratoga Springs

Thomas F. McKeon, Saratoga Springs

Bruce McKinlay, town not available

Edsel J. McKnight, Greenfield

John J. McLauglin, Ballston Spa

Anthony Micklas, Mechanicville

Mario Mignano, Mechanicville

John N. Miner, Schuylerville

William R. Mitchell Jr., Charlton

Pierce Moore, Mechanicville

Charles L. More, Saratoga Springs

Daniel A. Moriarty Jr., Saratoga Springs

George A. Mosher, Ballston Spa

Edward C. Moynihan Jr., Ballston Spa

Edward F. Mullady, Ballston Spa

Wilfred H. Munger, Gansevoort

David M. Murray, Saratoga Springs

Hooward E. Murray, Corinth

Garnard Newkirk, Corinth

George W. Nichols, Saratoga Springs

John G. Nieckarz, Elnora

Alden R. Noble, Mechanicville

Charles R. Noel, Schuylerville

Clinton L. Oakley, Saratoga Springs

Donald J. Oard, Greenfield

Chester T. Obremski, Rexford

Marvin O’Connor, Ticonderoga

William L. O’Dell, Mechanicville

Albert E. Offenbecker, Mechanicville

Howard R. Older, Greenfield

John S. Orloff, Waterford

Raymond L. Osborn, Round Lake

Thomas Osmond, Stillwater

James M. Ostrander, Mechanicville

Martin Pagach, Greenfield

Clarence Palmer, Fort Edward

Frank Parisi Jr., Saratoga Springs

Albert C. Parker, Waterford

Albert C. Parker, Corinth

Beecher A. Parker, Corinth

John J. Parker, Mechanicville

Donald Patenaude, Mechanicville

Paul J. Phillips, Saratoga Springs

Russell S. Phillips, town not available

Silvio Pipino, Mechanicville

Peter Piroha, Saratoga

William J. Pixley, Galway

Andrew N. Pleshko Jr., Schuylerville

Dighton J. Polan, Galway

John J. Ponzer Jr., Saratoga Springs

Ashely Pritchard, Schuylerville

Patrick Purcell, Mechanicville

Robert Quackenbush, Stillwater

William Quellhorst Jr., Ballston Lake

William Reed, Fort Edward

Francis W. Reilly, Mechanicville

John P. Reilly, Mechanicville

James E. Robarge, Corinth

Frank J. Robinson, Mechanicville

Robert J. Rose, Ballston Spa

Paul E. Roth, Saratoga Springs

Kenneth M. Rothmayer, town not available

James F. Rumrill, Moreau

George Satterly, Mechanicville

Philip Sawitzki, Galway

Joseph Scarchilli, Waterford

Russell Sceel, Mechanicville

William J. Scheel, Mechanicville

Russell F. Schermerhorn, Clifton Park

William H. Schermerhorn, Ballston Lake

George C. Schldzick, Ballston Lake

James Scott, town not available

William J. Scott, Mechanicville

John F. Shafts, Round Lake

Isidore Sherman, town not available

Alexander W. Shoutis Jr., Galway

George B. Sinter, town not available

Rudolph Skrek, town not available

George B. Slater, Halfmoon

Joseph A. Smaldone, Saratoga Springs

Thomas C. Smith, Schuylerville

William Smith, Glens Falls

Edward J. Sorensen, Waterford

Milton Sorrell, Mechanicville

Renne Speanburg, Charlton

Clifford L. Spires, Ballston Spa

Robert Start, Ballston Spa

Harold L. Stevens, Saratoga Springs

William Stockwicz, Stillwater

Theodore C. Stoudt, town not available

Stanley S. Struneski, Mechanicville

Cleon L. Swears, Hadley

Russell H. Sweet, Mechanicville

Henry Szczombroski, Galway

John T. Thompson, Mechanicville

R.G. Thornton Jr., town not available

Paul Tokryman, Galway

Ira Tripp, Milton

Leonard Tryon, Edinburgh

Seraphin Urbanski, Mechanicville

Arthur T. Van Guilder, Corinth

John R. Vandenburg, Saratoga Springs

Maynard L. Varney, Wilton

Joseph M. Verchereau, Waterford

Paul W. Voehringer, Ballston

John Waldie Jr., Corinth

Donald G. Walrath, Ballston Spa

Arthur C. Ward Jr., Ballston

Emerson D. Washburn, Corinth

George Weatherwax, Saratoga Springs

Stewart L. Wendall, Schuylerville

Frank R. Westcott, Wilton

Germain Whelden, Ballston Spa

Elery White, Hadley

George M. Whitney, Saratoga Springs

Howard Wilber, Saratoga Springs

Myron Wilbur, Schuylerville

Curtis Wilcox, Corinth

Louis M. Wiley, Stillwater

Ralph L. Williams, Ballston Spa

John L. Winney, Saratoga Springs

Edward J. Woodward, Ballston Spa

Frederick F. Worthen, Corinth

John A. Yankowski, Mechanicville

Warren County

James J. Acker, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Claude S. Adams, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Alonzo Allen, Glens Falls

John C. Allen, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Leon L. Allen, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Gerald Anderson, Putnam Station

Henry L. Archard, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Peter Ashley, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Emerson H. Baker, Stony Creek

Floyd B. Baker, Glens Falls/Queensbury

David F. Bayle, Glens Falls/Queensbury

George Bellinger, Glens Falls

Earl B. Bemis, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Martin G. Betts, town not available

George J. Bingham, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Leonard C. Bolduc, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Irving C. Boynton, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Martin L. Brown, Johnsburg

Frederick J. Bruce, town not available

Lawrence M. Burch, Warrensburg

John Cameron, Thurman

John W. Campbell, Thurman

Clifford Carpenter, Glens Falls/Queensbury

John S. Chadwick, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Joseph E. Charlebois, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Elwood Cheeseman, Lake Luzerne

Clifford J. Cleveland, Bolton

Donald W. Colvin, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Edward J. Connell, Glens Falls/Queensbury

John Joseph Connelly, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Floyd A. Cool, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Henry J. Coon, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Grover L. Dalaba, Johnsburg

Merton J. Dalaba, Johnsburg

Clifford E. Danforth, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William C. David, Glens Falls/Queensbury

James I. Davis, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Nicholas De Tullio, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Donald H. DeVoll, town not available

Herman S. DelSignore, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Angelo J. DiDio, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Winfield A. Doner, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Frank R. Duggan, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Frederick J. Eggleston, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clarence I. Facteau, town not available

John R. Festa, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Carson C. Freebern, Johnsburg

Henry H. Freebern, Johnsburg

Francis L. French, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Charles B. Fuller, Glens Falls/Queensbury

 Paul T. Garand, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Leon W. George, town not available

Harry L. Gillies, Lake Luzerne

Robert O. Goodson, town not available

Garrold Goodspeed, Johnsburg

Howard J. Hall, town not available

Edward Hansen, Lake Luzerne

William E. Harvey, town not available

Eldon L. Haskell, Thurman

Ray A. Haskell, Thurman

Arthur J. Havens, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Richard W. Hay, Queensbury

Bernard J. Higgins, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clifford R. Holland, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert J. Huot, Glens Falls/Queensbury

George N. James, town not available

Morgan Jenkins, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Nelson P. Johnson, Adirondack

John F. Jones, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Henry L. Kennedy, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Richard M. Kenny, Glens Falls/Queensbury

David P. Kilpatrick, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Lester R. King, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William Knowlton, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Bernard A. LaLonde, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert E. Ladabouch, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Henry L. Lambert, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Leonard F. Lambert, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Wyman D. LaRose, Queensbury

Norman L. Larson, Glens Falls/Queensbury

John P. Lawler, Glens Falls

Leopold A. Lemery, Glens Falls/Queensbury

C. Robert Linehan, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William K. Long, Glens Falls/Queensbury

George W. Mace, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Arthur W. Manosh, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Salvatore J. Marino, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William F. Mason, Glens Falls

Edward P. Mastrangelo, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Ernest F. Matteson, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Gordon P. Mattison, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Earl McMore, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Arthur D. Mead Jr., Glens Falls/Queensbury

Stanley Milkouwski, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Franklin J. Minor, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Albert J. Mondoux, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Charles F. Monroe, Bolton

Stanley E. Moon, Diamond Point

Donald D. Morehouse, Bolton

Kenneth G. Morehouse, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert J. Morse, town not available

Leonard J. Moynihan, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Charles I. Murdock, town not available

Thomas H. Murphy, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William P. Nichols, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Charles R. Noel, town not available

Cornelius E. O’Neill, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clarence E. Palmer, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Francis J. Perras, town not available

Edward J. Pollock, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert C. Pratt, Chestertown

Francis D. Reardon, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert B. Richardson, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert C. Rivers, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clyde W. Ross, Lake George

Daniel E. Ross Jr., Johnsburg

Christian J. Rothmyer, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William O. Rowell, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Herman F. Rumrill, Glens Falls/Queensbury

James R. Rumrill, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Robert E. Sabattis, Johnsburg

Robert G. Schrader, Warrensburg

Ralph K. Scripter, town not available

Howard A. Seage, Chestertown

Seabron M. Smith, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William Smith Jr., Glens Falls/Queensbury

James F. Stevens, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Edward P. Stilwell, Glens Falls/Queensbury

George A. Surrency, Johnsburg

Stanley M. Suschinski, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Earle R. Sutliff, town not available

Cleon F. Swears, Lake Luzerne

Lyman I. Thayer Jr., Glens Falls/Queensbury

Eugene W. Tompkins, Lake George

John F. Toomey, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Guy Angelo Torchetti, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Bernard A. Tougaw, Glens Falls/Queensbury

John F. Tunney, Lake Luzerne

Grant S. VanDerhule, Bolton

Harwood C. Viele, town not available

James F. Viele, Glens Falls/Queensbury

William Vieley, Glens Falls

John T. Wells, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Norman W. Wells, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Philip R. Wescott, Pottersville

Joseph E. Wheeler, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Ralph D. Wilcox, Glens Falls

Walter W. Winchip, Chestertown

Elmer E. Wood, town not available

Harold Wood, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Lewis E. Wood Jr., town not available

Walter L. Woodard, town not available

Washington County

Miles E. Allen Jr., town not available

Floyd J. Anderson, Putnam Station

George W. Arnott, Cambridge

Job Austin, Greenwich/Easton

James F. Bailey, Whitehall

Harold J. Bain, town not available

James M. Baker, Hudson Falls

Dominic J. Barber, Whitehall

Holger A. Beckwith, Whitehall

Raymond D. Beckwith, Whitehall

George J. Bingham, town not available

Kenneth D. Bishop, town not available

John L. Blanchfield, Greenwich/Easton

Leslie Bohannon, Whitehall

Lyle Bohannon, Whitehall

Ronald J. Bombard, Hudson Falls

Francis J. Bonitatibus, Hudson Falls

Samuel Brandino, Whitehall

Paul W. Brown, town not available

Donald D. Brownell, town not available

Charles L. Campney, town not available

Milton L. Carlisle, Hudson Falls

Paul W. Casas, Hampton

Bernard Case, Whitehall

Robert Chase, Whitehall

Nelson V. Clark, Hebron

Harold A. Clough, Greenwich/Easton

Edward Collins, Salem

Frederick E. Collins, Salem

Donald W. Colvin, Hudson Falls

John W. Coon Jr., town not available

James R. Cox, Fort Edward

David Cramer, Salem

William M. Daggett, town not available

Glenn H. Davis, Fort Ann

Ned E. Dempsey, town not available

Theodore A. Densieski, town not available

Richard D. Duffy, Whitehall

James Eaton, Whitehall

Arnold George Edgerly, Fort Edward

Lee Elliott, Hudson Falls

Lonson W. Fish Jr., Durkeetown

George Foster, Greenwich/Easton

Ernest R. Fox, Greenwich/Easton

Samuel J. Frandino, Whitehall

Tage R. Frederiksen, Fort Edward

Sullivan M. Fringi, Granville

Donald L. Gandron. Whitehall

Henry J. Gekoski, town not available

George Gilbert, Granville

John Gilbert, Granville

Harold J. Gilchrest, Salem

Gerald E. Gordon, Whitehall

James E. Gordon, Whitehall

Anthony J. Grady, Whitehall

Walter S. Griffin, Whitehall

Joseph V. Guglielmini, town not available

Robert L. Hall, town not available

Howard J. Hastings,


Howard Hayes, Granville

Albert Hildreth, Whitehall

Gladys M. Hitchcock, town not available

Peter Hoblock, Granville

Randolph Holmes, Hudson Falls

Warren D. Howard, town not available

Frank E. Hughes, Fort Edward

Byron E. Hupman Jr., Whitehall

Jeremiah R. Iannucci, town not available

John Jackson, Greenwich

Edward T. Jones, Granville

George A. Jones, Granville

Richard Jones, Granville

Harvey L. Jordan, Whitehall

William Knapp, Salem

Peter Kordiyak, Granville

Charles Kriunas, Hudson Falls

Andrew Kurchey, Granville

John Kurchey, Granville

John A. Kuruc, Granville

Michael J. LaMere, town not available

Royden R. LaRoe, Hudson Falls

Augustus D. Labate, Granville

James A. Lamb, Hudson Falls

Andrew J. Lampman, town not available

Guy E. Lansing Jr., town not available

Leopold A. Lemery, town not available

Edward J. Leonard, Fort Edward

Eugene M. Leroux, Hudson Falls

Clifford E. Lewis, Salem

John Lewis Jr., town not available

Joseph A. Lewry, Granville

Albert F. Libert, Granville

Donald E. Link, Greenwich/Easton

William H. Loveland, Hudson Falls

George Lovett, Fort Edward

Lawrence M. Lowell, Whitehall

William A. Luciano, Hudson Falls

John E. Lynch, town not available

William A. McCarty, Fort Edward

William E. McGeoch, Hartford

Edward F. McGrath, Granville

Clarence McGuire, Hudson Falls

Earl M. McMore, Fort Ann

Kenneth A. McNeale, Hartford

Stanley P. Milkowski, town not available

John Moffett, Granville

Francis B. Mumblo, Fort Edward

Gerald R. Munger, Fort Edward

Henry F. Nelson, Salem

Fay Newell, Fort Edward

Thomas E. Oatman, Granville

Robert J. O’Donnell, Granville

Floyd Olson, Granville

Adam P. Pacyna, Granville

Morgan J. Parker, Whitehall

Robert E. Pekins, Salem

Alvin Petteys, Greenwich/Easton

Edward J. Pollock, Argyle

Michael Prehoda, Granville

Peter Prehoda Jr., Granville

Ashley F. Pritchard, Greenwich/Easton

Norman Pritchard, Granville

Gilbert E. Purdy, Hudson Falls

Frank Riley, Whitehall

David J. Rivett, Whitehall

Robert F. Roche, Granville

Francis E. Rooney, town not available

James E. Ross, Whitehall

Paul E. Roth, Whitehall

John L. Ryder, Hudson Falls

Roger A. Ryder, Hudson Falls

Robert P. Saunders, town not available

Frank J. Savasta, Fort Edward

Donald Schaeffer, Granville

John F. Sears Jr., Greenwich/Easton

Andrew J. Shelley, Fort Edward

John Shingler, Granville

Arthur E. Smith, Hudson Falls

James S. Spiezio, Middle Falls

Ralph St. Clair, Whitehall

Clarence A. Thomas, Granville

Thomas P. Trumbull, Whitehall

Norman C. VanKirk, Greenwich

Jerome J. Veach, Kingsbury

James N. Vissor, Greenwich/Easton

Joseph A. Vitouski, Hudson Falls

Robert H. Wessmann Jr., town not available

Myron Wilbur, Greenwich/Easton

Pierce D. Williams, Granville

Robert H. Woodward, Greenwich

Harold C. Wright, Salem

Geoffrey S. Wrigley, Fort Edward

Korean War

Saratoga County

Hector H. Ayotte, Halfmoon

Robert C. Baetz, Ballston Lake

James Montgomery Brown, Stillwater

Robert A. Cisler, Stillwater

Walter J. Doyle, Saratoga Springs

Richard M. Fitzgerald, Galway

Robert D. Furlow, Mechanicville

Roy F. Gamache, Waterford

Mowrey C. Goodbread, Providence

Robert S. Guiles, Saratoga Springs

George F. Hamilton, Waterford

Stanley W. Harmor, Saratoga

Roth O. Hasselbaum, Saratoga Springs

William F. Hill, Waterford

William H. Ladd, Stillwater

Julius Lofren, Schuylerville

William A. MacMillin, Milton

James Marlow, Schuylerville

John W. Martin, Northumberland

Robert Massengale, Northumberland

Norman A. Melander, Malta

Guy K. Myers, Ballston Spa

Gordon F. Richmond, South Glens Falls

Walter A. Smead, Hadley

Adolph G. Sodemann, Saratoga Springs

Harry Wilcox, Hadley

Warren County

James E. Allen, Glens Falls

Roger S. Baker, Glens Falls

Howard R. Belden, Hague

D. Blankschen, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Albert C. Bosford, Lake Luzerne

Roger E. DePatie, Glens Falls

Theron W. Drake Jr., Warrensburg

James J. Guay, Glens Falls

Walter L. Hastings, Glens Falls

Richard W. Jordan, Hague

Paul E. LaFond, Warrensburg

Edward R. McElroy, Bolton

James E. O’Malley, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Benjamin E. Pendell, Warrensburg

Charles D. Ross, Wevertown

Edward P. Rounds, Thurman

Harry J. Wilcox, Lake Luzerne

Washington County

George A. Andrews Jr., Granville

Francis J. Arcuri, Fort Edward

Duane F. Barlow, Hudson Falls

Henry V. Batease, Granville

Arthur P. Beebe, Putnam

Baxter H. Betts Jr., Argyle

Douglas Blankschen, Whitehall

Calvin R. Brace, Granville

Bernard M. Burke, Hudson Falls

David E. Edie, Cambridge

Raymond A. Farnsworth, Hudson Falls

Robert W. Fisher Jr., Cambridge

Herbert R. Joslyn, Hudson Falls

Oscar Krampf, Greenwich

Gerald W. LaPoint, Hudson Falls

Clayton J. LaRose, Whitehall

Frederick W. Mausert III, Cambridge

Malcolm I. McGeoch, Argyle

Donald W. Miner, Hudson Falls

William N. Neddo, Whitehall

Harry M. Rehm, Clemons

Warren W. Spaulding, Whitehall

George D. Spring, Hartford

James F. Statia, Granville

Gerald E. Wescott, Hudson Falls

Walton R. White, Hudson Falls

Joseph R. Wiatrak, Greenwich

Shirley A. Wilson, Fort Ann

Darwin E. Woodcock, Cambridge

Vietnam War

Saratoga County

Floyd E. Andrus III, Corinth

Stanley H. Barrett, Halfmoon

John C. Bechard, Stillwater

Liam Casey, Ballston

James S. Closson, Saratoga Springs

Bruce N. Colson, Corinth

Denton W. Crocker Jr., Saratoga Springs

Louis V. Daigle, Waterford

Willard D. Durham Jr., Greenfield

William W. Dziarcak, Waterford

Peter F. Fonda, Saratoga Springs

Herbert D. Gott III, Ballston

Frank J. Hutchins, Mechanicville

Thomas F. Jourdanais Jr., Waterford

Ronald C. Kissinger, Galway

Leonard LaPort, Edinburgh

Stephen Lofren, Schuylerville

John R. McDonough, Saratoga Springs

Carl L. Merchant, Corinth

Michael Francis Nolan Jr., Schuylerville

Harold M. Patenaude, Mechanicville

Cornell Petteys, Saratoga Springs

Gerard Phoenix, Ballston

Joseph Pippenbach, Gansevoort

Floyd W. Pohl, Stillwater

Joseph B. Smith Jr., Ballston Lake

Ned A. Sowle, Providence

Richard J. Warren, Clifton Park

Richard D. Whalen, Saratoga Springs

Donald F. Yates, Round Lake

Warren County

Albert B. Ayres, Glens Falls

Michael D. Balamoti, Glens Falls

Ronald Ballou, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Clark E. Barlow, Warrensburg

Robert O. Barry, Glens Falls

James J. Bates, Glens Falls

Howard E. Beagle, Glens Falls

Arthur Brumagen, Glens Falls

Joseph E. Brunelle Jr., Glens Falls/Queensbury

Peter M. Butler, Glens Falls

Ross K. Colburn, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Joseph L. Colotti, Glens Falls

Charles L. Elms, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Frederick H. Flynn, Warrensburg

Gerald “Buddy” Hammond, Glens Falls

Thomas Holcomb, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Joseph T. Murphy Jr., Glens Falls

Steven W. Ovitt, Glens Falls/Queensbury

John F. Pezzulo, Glens Falls

Edmond E. Smith III, Glens Falls

William E. Strobel, Warrensburg

James W. Van Tassell, Glens Falls

Timothy O. Whittemore, Glens Falls/Queensbury

Washington County

William L. Aiken, Whitehall

Leonard P. Allen, Hartford

Rae A. Bailey, Clemons

Thomas A. Bain, Putnam Station

Vincent C. Bourdeau, Hudson Falls

Roberick W. Breault, Hudson Falls

Joseph E. Brunelle, Fort Edward

Byron Burnett, Whitehall

Michael P. Carr, Hudson Falls

James W. Collier, Fort Edward

Gene F. Colvin, Fort Edward

Roy K. Corlew, Hartford

Joseph M. D’Angelico, Fort Edward

Owen D. Goodsell, Fort Ann

Dennis E. Higgins, Fort Edward

Dale A. Hill, West Fort Ann

Charles L. Howe, Granville

Keith Knott, Whitehall

Joseph R. Larose, Hadlock Pond

William J. McCarty, Fort Edward

Norman A. Mead, Granville

Ronald Murphy, Greenwich/Easton

Richard L. Rozelle, Granville

Lynn Saville, Fort Edward

Gulf War

Saratoga County

Otto F. Clark, Corinth

Washington County

Peter L. Swano, Salem

Iraq War

Saratoga County

Nathan P. Brown, Moreau

Stephen Z. Madison, Corinth

Warren County

Kevin C. Kimmerly, North Creek

Afghanistan War

Warren County

Jeremiah Monroe, Brant Lake

Benjamin Osborn, Lake George

Saratoga County

David “Taylor” Miller, Wilton

Washington County

Philip Charte, Cambridge

Editor’s note: The primary sources for this list of area residents who died in war were New York State Military Museum and Veteran Research Center, Saratoga County Veterans Service Agency, Glens Falls Historian Wayne Wright and former Warren County Historical Society Executive Director Marilyn Van Dyke. Numerous town historians, town clerks, American Legion/VFW leaders and the Vietnam Veterans of America also contributed. In addition, Jack Guerrera of Hudson Falls aided the project by donating a regional list of World War II casualties published May 30, 1945, in The Troy Record.

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