QUEENSBURY — Suzanne Tomb is not a proud mom.

Her triplet sons all received Teen Excellence Awards on Wednesday morning and two of them took home $5,000 college scholarships.

But she prefers to say she’s “happy for them,” not “proud of them.”

“It’s not mine, it’s theirs,” she said. “I’m just happy for them. They’re the ones that did it, not me.”

Brendan, Casey and Seamus Tomb, 17-year-old triplets from Johnsburg Central School, and 17 other area students were given The Post-Star’s Teen Excellence Awards on Wednesday morning at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark.

Seamus Tomb was unable to attend the prestigious awards ceremony, because he was at a Junior Nationals skiing competition in Utah.

Over the past 10 years, The Post-Star has recognized more than 200 local students as Teen Excellence honorees. This is the third year that some students also received monetary scholarships. Nemer Ford is a co-sponsor.

“I don’t know what we did in high school but we sure as heck weren’t paying attention to the level that these kids are,” joked Post-Star Publisher Rob Forcey.

Included in the honorees this year were a scientist, a student who started a nonprofit organization, many who have done volunteer work and a female football player. He encouraged all the recipients to go to college, then return back home.

“We could use you,” he told the high school seniors. “With the motivation that you have, the intelligence that you bring to the table and just the effort that you’ve put into just the beginning of your lives, it’s going to be amazing to see what you do in the long run.”

Forcey said the Teen Excellence winners are exceptional role models who are determined to make a difference in their communities.

“Plus, they exhibit levels of innovation, focus and achievement that are not equalled by many adults today,” Forcey said.

Teen Excellence honoree Elizabeth Hicks, a 17-year-old senior from Granville, said she was honored to be chosen for the award.

“There are a lot of other kids in my class that I’m very close with that are extremely successful as well,” she said, “so it’s an extreme honor that they picked me for this award.”

Nominated by three people at her school, Libby, as she is called, is involved in everything and anything, said school counselor Sondra Smith.

“She has been almost like a mini-counselor in the school,” Smith said. “And she did win my counselor’s award last year because of her outreach to some students who needed some help.”

The six students who received $5,000 scholarships include: Chloe Harris of Whitehall, Derek Sherrange of Argyle, Derek Willson of Schuylerville, Brendan Tomb and Casey Tomb of Johnsburg, and Charlotte Holding of Lake George, who was a 2017 Teen Excellence Award winner.

“Education’s gotten a lot more expensive,” Forcey said to the scholarship recipients. “We’re glad to be able to help in a little way with this and we hope that it does you well in the future.”

Suzanne Tomb was still reeling in shock after her boys both received their scholarships, which remained a secret until Wednesday morning.

“I knew they applied, but they’ve sent in so many applications, I don’t even know what they handed in,” Suzanne Tomb said.

Tomb said the triplets have always done everything together.

“We live in Johnsburg, so there’s only so much to choose from,” she said, “so they share sports, music, friends, classes. Everything is together.”

That will change next year when they all attend different colleges.

“As much as they have in common, they have very different personalities,” Suzanne Tomb said. “I think they’ll enjoy going different places and being able to come home and tell a story that their brother doesn’t already know.”

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