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GLENS FALLS - After being pummelled by winter blast after blast this season, the city is now way over budget.

Way over budget for salt, that is - about $30,000 over, according to Carrie Lord, senior account clerk for the city of Glens Falls.

"When we do the budget, we normally take an average of the last three years, then increase it a little, but of course we didn't anticipate all of this," Lord said.

Salt has been ordered 11 times, totaling 2,270 tons at $48 per ton, Lord said. Eight truckloads of sand have been ordered since October, she said.

The city will make up for the extra expenditures by pulling from other lines with additional money left over, Lord said. The new budget year begins today, she said.

The cost and budget strains don't affect how much salt is purchased, though, if additional snowfalls occur and more is needed.

"It's something we have to buy, so it's got to be bought," Lord said.

Bob Schiavoni, superintendent of public works, said salt use is high in Glens Falls, but it's necessary.

"I use a lot of salt," Schiavoni said. "The reason is, we're the only place other than Saratoga that has the hospital. I have

to keep the roads in pretty

good shape, because people if people have to go to the hospital, they have to go to the hospital."

It's difficult to predict what the weather will bring, not only season to season, but month to month, Schiavoni said.

If the current pattern continues, Schiavoni said, the city will be using a lot of everything, from supplies to workers.

"If it keeps on going the way it is, we're going to have a

lot of overtime," Schiavoni said. "These guys are great; they do a good job. They spend a lot of hours away from home."

Crews will likely be out today as another winter event hits the region.

Glens Falls and close neighboring areas are expected to receive anywhere from three to six inches, said Jeremy Davis, a meteorologist with North Country Weather.

"It should wrap up quick," he said. "It should come down heavy during the afternoon hours, but should wrap up by evening."

Following today's storm, residents can expect a quiet pattern to settle into the area, Davis said. There are no other systems expected for at least a week, probably longer, he said.

Sunday night's snowstorm left about six and a half inches in the city, with lesser amounts up north and higher totals to the south, Davis said.

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