CHESTERTOWN - Andrew Hinrichs's sled was not particularly aerodynamic or sleek.

But the crowd at the "Krazy Downhill Derby" seemed to think the design - an outhouse with a working door and roll of toilet paper - had other redeeming qualities.

"A lot of people like the name," Hinirch, 13, of Merrick, on Long Island, said of his sleigh, "The Royal Flush."

"They've been peaking through the window to see what's inside," added his grandfather, Sonny Hinrichs, who fashioned the sled out of old paneling.

Fifteen other teams raced handmade sleighs at the Dynamite Hill Recreation Center in Chestertown on Saturday, with entries ranging from the scatological to the sporty - a race car - to the patriotic, in the form of a Black Hawk helicopter.

Jim Steen of Brant Lake and his 7-year-old son, James, spent a full week and about $50 building their entry, a spaceship-inspired sled.

The detailed replica included the NASA logo, an American flag and the titles "Lt. Jim, Flight Engineer" and "Capt. James, mission commander."

Steen joked that he considered adopting the titles major and colonel, but decided against it.

"You really have to achieve those ranks," Steen said.

"I figured no one would mind if we promoted ourselves as lieutenant and captain."

The annual event, which is in its 32nd year, celebrates every team with a personalized award and typically draws quirky entries. So many that Ray Monroe, who has attended the event for more than 10 years, could not pick the most memorable.

"There have been a lot of weird ones. I can't even remember all of them," Monroe said, adding this year he was impressed by an army tank replica.

While the field on Saturday featured many imaginative designs, a few had functionality issues and needed a push to the bottom of the hill.

"Rub a dub dub, two kids in a tub," a tub dressed up with foam bubbles and rubber ducks, tipped over, spilling two children wearing bathrobes onto the snow.

Others had an easier time navigating the short hill.

Despite its boxy shape, Andrew Hinrich's outhouse made a quick and direct run, prompting a response from the master of ceremony, Caroline Isachsen.

"Folks, give it up for Royal Flush," Isachsen said, as the outhouse sped down the hill. "That's got some momentum!"

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