WHITEHALL — All of the pieces need to fall into place perfectly by next week in order to take down the flatiron building that has been falling to pieces for years.

That’s what Mayor Phil Smith said this week about the building at 160 Main St., which poses a safety hazard to the village and needs to come down.

Smith wants to demolish the three-story high building, but the village doesn’t technically own the property nor have the funds to do the work.

Smith called a meeting for 1 p.m. Friday to discuss applying for an Empire State Development grant and get residents on board with the plan. A public meeting must be held before applying for the grant, Smith said.

The Village Board also needs to create a resolution for Smith to submit with the grant application.

The deadline for the grant application is next Friday, Dec. 15.

If the village was awarded the grant, local officials would need documentation from Washington County, stating they have control of the property. Then they could take it down.

“Everything is still in the works,” Smith said.

The building was abandoned years ago after the owners, Carl and Sallie Adams, died. The village hasn’t been able to do anything with the building because it isn’t owned by the village.

The building’s stability is uncertain, and either direction it decides to crumble isn’t good, Smith said.

Spilling into Main Street and blocking the fire department’s driveway is one possibility. The Amtrak railroad tracks are another likely place it could fall down into.

“It’s really a problem,” Smith said.

“We’ll start with this meeting and see what happens.”

The meeting will be held at the Village Office.

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