A Warren County man who spent 5 years in state prison and is on parole for brutally beating a woman in Johnsburg was jailed in Vermont in recent days for attacking a woman in her home, police said.

Roy H. Kuhlmann, 50, of Johnsburg, was arrested Feb. 22 by Vermont State Police after he allegedly assaulted a woman in her home in the town of Ira, part of a months-long pattern of abuse, authorities said.

Vermont State Police were sent to a home on Route 133 for a report of a disturbance, and after an investigation, determined that Kuhlmann had been abusing the woman after they began a relationship through an online dating website, according to a report in the Rutland Herald newspaper.

At one point, he illegally entered her home and hid under a bed to try to catch her cheating, according to the report.

Kuhlmann has a long history of domestic violence against women in the North Creek area, which included multiple assaults and threats and one incident where he pointed a rifle at the head of a woman.

He had two prior felony convictions before a May 2012 assault case, in which police said he attacked a woman and caused broken ribs and facial bones in Johnsburg, that netted him a 5.5-year prison sentence. He also was ordered to spend 3 years on parole after his release from prison, and he was paroled in January 2017.

The Herald reported that Kuhlmann tried to tell police that they could not legally arrest him when he was found hiding behind a door in the alleged victim’s Vermont home.

“Kuhlmann identified himself as being a sovereign citizen and stated he did not recognize my lawful authority,” Vermont State Trooper Katrina Ducharme said in an affidavit cited by the paper.

He is being held in Marble Valley Correctional Facility in Rutland, Vermont, pending further court action on felony charges of unlawful trespass and obstructing justice and misdemeanor domestic assault. He also faces a parole violation charge in New York, which will be dealt with after the Vermont case is handled.