SOUTH GLENS FALLS  For the sin of paying $1,128 too much, an escrow company has been fined $1,010 by the village of South Glens Falls.

The Village Board decided Wednesday to insist on the fine after CoreLogic asked for a waiver.

CoreLogic, which makes property tax payments for many mortgage-holders, sent $21,333 to the village in response to the June tax bill. The bill was due July 1; the check got to the village on June 17.

About a week later, the village rejected the check because it was an over-payment, village Clerk Dannae Bock said.

CoreLogic then sent in a corrected check – but by then it was too late. The company had missed the July 1 deadline.

The village rejected the check again, saying that it could not be accepted without a 5 percent penalty payment.

This time CoreLogic protested, saying the first check should not have been rejected.

But at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting, trustees decided to stick to the rules. Village Attorney Michael Muller urged them to not waive the fine.

“It’s an unfortunate circumstance that CoreLogic can’t get it right,” he said. “There’s no wiggle room. Not being mean.”

He advised trustees to write a letter that was “very cordial but very firm.”

“‘No, there is no refund due. You’re late. Penalty imposed,’” he said.

Trustees agreed that Muller would write the letter, which would be signed and mailed by Bock.

She had no way to accept the check, even if she had wanted to, Muller added.

The village uses a computer system that will not accept overpayments. The program was written to deter fraud, he said.

The state Comptrollers Office has called the restriction “a prudent measure” and noted that some municipalities have been criticized by the office for accepting overpayments.

CoreLogic, which is based in California, did not respond to a call and email seeking comment.

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