GLENS FALLS — The city is taking another look at centralizing garbage pickup downtown to help cut down on the proliferation of receptacles for businesses.

Fifth Ward Councilman Jim Clark said people can see the amount of trash receptacles just walking around downtown and more could be on the way with additional development downtown.

“I would anticipate more restaurants, more businesses,” he said. “You want to address the current needs, but also plan for future growth. There needs to be a process and we just have to try to start getting everybody at the table again to see where we go from here.”

The issue has come up off and on over the years. He remembers talking about it when he worked as an assistant to Mayor Robert Regan.

“What is old is new again,” he said.

In 2002, there was some discussion about having uniform enclosures in which trash bins from a few businesses could be housed together, according to a Post-Star story. This would have helped some businesses whose property is too small for a trash bin. Those discussions did not progress.

Clark said there are a lot of logistical concerns to be addressed. He said some businesses owners have expressed interest in possibly doing a smaller-scale pilot.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of downtown, Clark said there could be economies of scale by having businesses join together on garbage collection.

“If you centralize the garbage in different areas of the business district, it would stand to reason that everyone would save money,” he said.

The discussion is still at the early stages and has been assigned to the Special Projects Committee, of which Clark serves as the chairman. There was some brief discussion of the matter at the last meeting.

“We didn’t really dive into it that much — excuse the pun,” he said.

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