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Boos and Bravos (March 17)

Boos and Bravos (March 17)

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Cobb again pledges not to lie

Bravos to congressional candidate Tedra Cobb for making the pledge to The Post-Star editorial board that she would not lie during the upcoming congressional campaign. The editorial board reached out to Rep. Elise Stefanik and invited her to a meeting with the editorial board as well, but a week later we have not heard back from her.

Supervisor address IDA appointments

Bravos to the Warren County supervisors for their plans to create formal policies to select the county’s representatives to the Warren-Washington Counties Industrial Development Agency. The move is in response to a controversy over not reappointing former member Travis Whitehead to the board. Whitehead was never given a reason why he was not reappointed. Having clear guidelines in place might prevent future controversies and ensure better representation on the board.

Post-Star honors Teen Excellence selections

Bravos to the 24 young people who were honored by The Post-Star with Teen Excellence Awards. The 24 were chosen from a list of nearly 100 nominees. It gives all us hope that the future is in such good hands.

Sponsors make investments in scholars

Bravos to the six sponsors who stepped forward to provide $5,000 scholarships to six of the Teen Excellence Award winners. In these days of expensive college costs, this is a great way to honor the great work of these young people and invest in the future of this community.

National Grid suspends collection actions

Bravos to National Grid for suspending any collection-related actions during the coronavirus crisis. It’s good to know that anyone who suffers a financial hardship due to the outbreak will not have to worry about losing their utilities.

Panic-buying should not be tolerated

Boos to every single person who bought more supplies than they needed at the outset of this crisis, leading to panic-buying around the region. Suppliers are assuring the public there is no shortage of products such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper, but that people are buying more than they could possible use in the short term. Monopolizing a product such as hand sanitizer actually puts all of us at more risk since more people will be without a product that might prevent spreading the virus. The community needs to remember we are all in this together. Buy just what you need.

N.Y. state establishes drive-thru testing

Bravos to the state of New York for being on the cutting age of establishing drive-thru testing centers. If things get worse, it is good to know that our state is leading the way at providing solutions that will protect us all while allowing testing to be done more efficiently.

Officials address meal needs of students

Bravos to the officials around the region who are looking to establish solutions for getting school children meals while they are out of school. Washington County Sheriff Jeff Murphy is hoping to use school resource officers to get children meals while schools such as Queensbury will provide breakfast and lunch at the school. We couldn’t help but wonder if there was a role that school bus drivers could play in delivering meals around the region since they don’t have to transport students.

Cable company steps up to help

Bravos to Charter Communications for offering free Spectrum broad service for the next 60 days for households with students in kindergarten through 12th grade and college students home from break. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.

Closing was the right thing to do

Bravos to all the community institutions and businesses for making the difficult, but necessary, decision to close so that those at risk in our community can be protected. We believe we face significant inconveniences in the days ahead, so it is imperative that we come together as a community.

The Post-Star editorials represent the opinion of The Post-Star’s editorial board, which consists of Publisher Brian Corcoran, Editor Ken Tingley, Projects Editor Will Doolittle and citizen representative Chuck Cumming.


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