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BOLTON — The Bonnie View Resort received a notice of violation Wednesday for discharging sewage into Lake George and operating a wastewater disposal system without a state pollutant discharge elimination system permit, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Neighbors adjacent to the resort living on the Sunrise Shores loop smelled sewage and reported the issue to DEC on Aug. 1.

The Lake George Association tested for E.coli levels throughout a stream and stormwater system that emptied into the lake, in addition to Bolton’s Huddle Beach. Levels in the lake and at the beach were well below the beach closure threshold, according to the Lake George Association’s results.

Levels in a stream adjacent to the Bonnie View property found higher levels of E.coli next to the break, DEC said.

Randy Rath, project manager for the lake association, said at the main source of contamination, E.coli levels were about 2,500 cfu/100 mL. Beaches are closed at 235 cfu/100 mL. The cfu abbreviation refers to colony-forming unit, and mL refers to milliliter.

Levels weakened down the stream and eventually at the stormwater drainage site into Lake George, where levels were detected at 12 cfu/100 mL.

The lake association tested the stream and stormwater areas again on Thursday and hoped to have results Friday morning.

The DEC said its “inspection found that a valve on a sewage force main near the motel’s leach field failed, releasing an unknown amount of untreated wastewater onto the ground. The valve was repaired immediately to stop any further releases. Motel staff were instructed to spread lime on the ground in the area of the discharge to address odors and sanitize the area.”

While the investigation is ongoing, the DEC said all the wastewater released appeared to have entered the nearby storm drain, an open drain, or soaked into the ground. It said no further cleanup was required because the material that made it into the drain was not recoverable.

Scott Baur, who has a family cottage next to the Bonnie View, said this isn’t the first year he’s smelled sewage coming from resort’s leach field. Baur contacted the DEC and the state Department of Health, as well as the lake association.

Baur’s neighbor, Dave Ebeoglu, has noticed algae growth under his dock, where the very stream and stormwater system with the sewer problem releases into the lake.

“It’s a long story,” Ebeoglu said, after recounting how the stream travels from Bonnie View, across the Sunrise Shores cottages, down to the lake. “Thanks to Scott (Baur), here we are tracking it down.”

Prior to learning about the DEC violation, The Post-Star contacted the Bonnie View Resort for comment Wednesday. Office Supervisor Dawn Tuttle had said no pipes were leaking, the resort’s beach was open and the waters were safe. She was not able to be reached for further comment Thursday following the news of the violation.

The DEC said it was still determining whether it would issues any fines to the resort.

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