LAKE GEORGE -- The Village Board took another step Thursday toward rectifying septic system problems that led to 30,000 gallons of raw sewage being spilled into Lake George in July of 2009.

The board voted unanimously to begin drafting a $1.7 million bond to fund a project that officials said will keep the largely clay sewer lines from bursting in the future.

"We have to make sure this never happens again," Lake George Village Mayor Robert Blais said.

Village Department of Public Works Superintendent David Harrington said the lion's share of the project involves reinforcing the pipes that criss-cross beneath the village using a method that should fix any weak spots in the system.

"It's essentially an inside-out sock that goes inside the line," he said. "It hardens inside the line and basically secures the inside of the pipe."

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has given the village until September to complete repairs, or further sanctions and fines will be imposed.

Trustees are expected to approve the $1.7 million bond terms on Feb. 14. If the loan is approved, Harrington said engineering firm C.T. Male Associates could begin work in April and finish well before the fall deadline. Harrington said the entire $3.8 million project - including upgrades to the system's pumps and other repairs - could be finished by early 2012.

The 2009 sewage spill closed beaches and hurt tourism in the community for weeks.

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