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AngioDynamics has acquired a small oncology company to help market a product that could fundamentally change the way cancer is treated.

“It’s powerful technology that will seriously change health care,” said company spokesman Saleem Cheeks. “It’s gonna be terrific.”

The company bought RadioDyne, which developed a way to pinpoint doses of radiation. The system allows doctors to see exactly where the radiation is hitting and focus it so that only the cancer is attacked. It protects the healthy parts of the body that happen to be near the tumor, Cheeks explained.

“You don’t want to dose soft tissues in your body,” he said.

The focused doses appear to reduce side effects and improve the impact on the cancer, according to clinical studies.

The technology is called OARtrac and is described as a real-time radiation dose monitoring platform. RadioDyne recently launched OARtrac. It is a device placed in a body cavity to provide instant “dose feedback” to the oncologist administering the dose. The information is provided rapidly enough for the oncologist to change the treatment in response. It can be used for all forms of radiation and photon beam therapy.

AngioDynamics plans to greatly expand access to the new treatment. The company already markets oncology devices to many physicians and treatment centers, and will add this to the suite of technology available for sale. Officials expect that to spread the technology to many more places.

“With our portfolio, it’s going to expand the reach of this technology,” Cheeks said.

The change will not lead to additional local jobs. The local workers will not be building the new technology.

“This does not create anything locally. The big story here is the technology and what it does,” Cheeks said.

AngioDynamics President Jim Clemmer said in a statement that the technology, combined with the rest of the company’s products, would “meaningfully change how care is delivered.”

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