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    The Federal Reserve Board has denied a Wyoming cryptocurrency bank’s application for Federal Reserve System membership. The decision deals a setback to the crypto industry’s attempts to build acceptance in mainstream U.S. banking. Many in crypto were looking to Cheyenne-based Custodia Bank’s application as a bellwether. Approval would have meant access to Federal Reserve services including its electronic payments system. The denial announced Friday adds to doubts about crypto banking’s viability. The Federal Reserve Board says in a statement that the crypto bank would've been risky for depositors. Custodia CEO Caitlin Long denies that, saying in a statement that the application went “above and beyond all requirements.”

      Amazon is axing free grocery delivery for Prime members on orders less than $150. In an email to Prime members Friday, Amazon said customers who get their groceries delivered from Amazon Fresh — and pay less than $150 — will be charged between $3.95 and $9.95 depending on the order size. The new policy starts February 28. Currently, the company offers Prime members free grocery delivery on orders above $35, with the exception of New York, where it’s $50. The decision to impose new fees comes as Amazon attempts to trim costs amid a hazy economic environment.

        Tesla CEO Elon Musk and top aides to President Joe Biden have met in Washington to discuss electric vehicles. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says Musk did not meet with the president. Instead, Biden aides Mitch Landrieu and John Podesta sat down with the Tesla chief on Friday to discuss how recently enacted infrastructure and climate legislation can help grow the EV industry and electrification more broadly. Landrieu oversees federal spending on infrastructure, including help for the electric vehicle industry, while Podesta is the president's point man on federal spending on climate and clean energy initiatives.

          Stocks closed higher on Wall Street, marking the market's third winning week in the last four. The S&P 500 rose 0.2% Friday after giving up most of an earlier gain. The Nasdaq composite climbed 0.9%, and the Dow ended up about 0.1%. American Express helped lead the way. It jumped after giving a profit forecast that topped expectations. Next week could be even busier for markets. The Federal Reserve is expected to announce its latest increase to interest rates. A report on Friday showed that inflation is continuing to cool, raising hopes for a smaller increase that's less painful.

            Prosecutors in Massachusetts are basing their murder case against a man whose wife is presumed dead but whose body has not been found in large part on a series of gruesome internet searches. But experts warn that incriminating internet searches are not enough alone to build a case. Prosecutors said at Brian Walshe's arraignment that he used Google to look up ways to dismember and dispose of a body. His wife, Ana Walshe, has not been seen since Jan. 1. Northeastern University School of Law professor Daniel Medwed says prosecutors have plenty of other evidence to make their case, including blood and DNA.

              Asian shares have advanced, boosted by a rally on Wall Street following reports suggesting the economy and corporate profits may be doing better than feared. Markets remained closed in Shanghai for the Lunar New Year holidays. In Tokyo, data showed the core consumer price index was up 4.3%, slightly higher than expected at 4.2%, and higher than the Bank of Japan’s target of 2%. On Thursday, Wall Street stocks climbed to their highest level in nearly eight weeks after the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy expanded at a 2.9% annual pace in the last quarter, ending 2022 with momentum despite higher interest rates and widespread fears of a looming recession.

              A new home is being built on my street. I’ve visited the job site countless times to check on the progress and to observe the quality of the workmanship. So far I’ve recorded nearly 40 videos showing mistakes and shortfalls. You can view the videos on my website. The link is at the end of this column.

              Three young children were being treated for frostbite in Nebraska Sunday after police said two suspects stole an SUV while they were inside. A 5-year-old, 1-year-old and 7-month-old were found with suspected hypothermia and frostbite after authorities say the carjackers were arrested with the SUV. The children were not in the SUV when the suspects were arrested. Two children were found in another vehicle that had been reported stolen and the infant was found on the front porch of a farmhouse. Grand Island Police said a man had reported around 3 a.m. Sunday that his 2012 Chevrolet Traverse has been stolen with his three children inside. It was around 0 degrees at the time.

              A Missouri mother who reported that her infant twins were stillborn has been convicted of manslaughter. Twenty-eight-year-old Maya Caston was convicted Friday of second-degree involuntary manslaughter and two counts of child endangerment. Prosecutors argued that Caston’s lack of action to get care for the babies showed that she caused the deaths. And her extensive internet searches for miscarriages and abortion methods before she gave birth demonstrated that she didn’t want the babies. Caston told the jury that she had planned to give the babies up for adoption at a doctor’s appointment three days after they were born, but by that time, the babies had died after not eating.

              A Florida baby is safe after being found abandoned outdoors about an hour after being born. The Polk County sheriff's office said the girl was wrapped in a blanket and still attached to a placenta when found on a hill outside a trailer park early Saturday morning. The temperature was in the low 50s. The baby was taken to a hospital and was healthy. Authorities used dogs and a drone to try to find the mother, but were unsuccessful. Florida has a safe haven law that allows parents to leave newborns at a fire station or medical facility up to a week after birth.

              States were ranked by several key factors — including social and economic, physical environment, clinical care, behaviors, and health outcomes — relative to overall health and quality of life.


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