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GLENS FALLS - Halloween fits Hungry Jack like a rubber mask.

Their trademark facial make-up, gory outfits and ghoulish masks are staples of the end-of-October holiday. The band's name even appears on posters with streaking, bloody letters seemingly promoting a movie like Friday the 13th.

Halloween is the one day they're gig becomes commonplace. And they know it.

"We were thinking about wearing regular clothes," said singer Matt "Smokey Toenails" Smith in reference to a horror show concert tonight.

Actually, though, Hungry Jack members will be in costume, and they have some additional surprises to make this weekend's concert even more sensational.

Local bands Hungry Jack, Phillips Head, Great Day For Up and The Skenesborough Renegades are all scheduled to star in a "Halloween Horrorshow" at 9 tonight at Luna's Underground at 25 Ridge St.

Those 18 years old and older are allowed at the show with identification. The cover price is $4 without a costume, or $3 with a costume, and a $50 prize will be given for the best costume.

The figurehead of tonight's horror show, Hungry Jack, has a few twists planned that are more political than festive.

"We're going to have a biñata," said rhythm guitarist Chuck "Scratch VonRummel" Rummell.

The stuffed piñata made to resemble suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has appeared at other Hungry Jack performances since Sept. 11. The point is simple: Beat the bin Laden doll to smithereens.

"We're going to have biñatas until he gets caught," said guitarist Mark "Quai Chang Christ" Needham. "And then we're gonna have him."

It's typical of the humorously bizarre circus of entertainment that Hungry Jack dishes out at any show. This is a band that sings about a drunken Jesus stealing mopeds, and inbreeding lovers.

Hungry Jack members practiced a few tunes from their album, "Don't Give Me No Chicken," last week in a basement full of Halloween decorations, flickering candles, Kiss dolls and rock-band posters.

The fact that they may throw Spam at the audience on occasion may not seem unfeasible.

Smith said Hungry Jack is what might happen if the cast of Monty Python and the Muppets were in a bus crash, and the remaining gang had to perform a show. It's heavy metal music with comedy and lots of costume.

The band even has a fictitious history to add depth to their presence and the sort of stage names that might be reminiscent of rap stars, the Insane Clown Posse, or a not-so-serious version of the Wu Tang Clan.

A detailed history statement on the band's Web site says lead singer "Smokey Toenails" was "world champion of the Swedish Independent Wrestling Federation" who killed an opponent and "then devoted his life to the church and became a nun."

The real history is tame in comparison.

"I was working in the produce department at Price Chopper - stacking melons - and I ran into you, and you said, 'You wanna jam some time?'" Del Signore said, looking at Smith.

In the face of mediocrity, the band has invented a fantastic display that they've performed from Whitehall to Albany. And they've come to Glens Falls for the holiday.

"Halloween is our favorite holiday," Scott Centerbar said from behind his skull mask.


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