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    “I am waiting for the day they announce apple cider vinegar is bad for you...” said my teen girl, quite out of the blue.

    I’ m not eating much meat these days, but occasionally I have a major longing for a steak. And since I was recently in Paris and had a version of this nostalgic, delicious dish, I can’ t get it out of my mind. A tender filet of beef, with its lean texture, is accompanied by a cheesy, creamy sauce.

    Your lawn is where summer fun happens, but what if instead of grass you had wildflowers? There are actually some benefits to this change. Kings College in Cambridge decided to plant its pristine back lawn with wildflowers and it has been a help to the surroundings. Buzz60’s Keri Lumm has more. 

    Conditions for first-time home buyers looked different in the first quarter of 2023 compared with one year before, but they hadn’t necessarily improved. Across the country, while active listings in the first quarter fell from the previous quarter, they remained significantly higher than a year ago, and asking prices held relatively steady. However, homes were...

    As the temperature outside rises, the annual quest for a cooler home begins— but without spending a fortune on our utility bills. Try incorporating these home-cooling design moves. By swapping out heavy textiles for airy fabrics and setting up effective cross-ventilation, you can create a cooler house without touching the thermostat.

    Canada is dealing with a series of intense wildfires that have spread from the western provinces to Quebec, with hundreds of forest fires burning. Wind has carried smoke from the fires southward, triggering air quality alerts throughout the United States. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday issued a poor air quality alert for New England, a day after parts of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota received a similar advisory. Last week, U.S. officials as far south as Maryland, Baltimore, Virginia and Pennsylvania reported being impacted by the wildfires. Fine-particle pollution — known as “PM 2.5” — is what’s being measured. The tiny particles are small enough to get past airway defenses and cause breathing problems.

    Pope Francis has had three hospitalizations since he was elected pope in 2013, and underwent major surgery as a young man to have part of one lung removed. In between, the 86-year-old pontiff has suffered from bouts of sciatica, or nerve pain, that have made walking and standing difficult. More recently, he strained his knee ligaments and had a small fracture in one knee that have forced him to use a wheelchair and walker for over a year.


    Summer can bring scorching temperatures that leave responsible dog owners wondering when it’s too hot to take their pup on a walk. Dogs tend to overheat more quickly than humans, so paying careful attention to the temperature and your dog’s body language is essential.

    When walking your dog in the summer, it’s important to keep the warning signs of overheating in mind, especially with dog breeds that have short noses or thick coats. If you follow a few simple safety tips, your dog can enjoy the long summer days and all the extra evening walks that come with the season.

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