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    The rascally chickens found a gap in one of the garden fences and proceeded, in flock, to scratch up peas, carrots and even many onions.

      The second the sun shines and the temperature rises just a little higher than this past winter’s ice age, the little monsters — pin-head sized deer ticks — leap from bush and branch, into action.

      Home organization and cleaning experts explain that there are many ways to make your cleaning products stretch further and last longer. The trick is adopting these strategies the next time you do a deep clean.

      It's been a bumpy ride for mortgage companies lately. Some lenders have gone out of business, merged with other companies or narrowed their focus. And more changes are likely in 2023.What does all this mean for borrowers?Here are answers to common questions, whether you're shopping for a mortgage or paying off a home loan.What's behind...

      Jackson’s troubled water system could be one step closer to getting new owners after legislation passed the state Senate Tuesday. The move marks the latest chapter in a crisis that has left residents in Mississippi’s capital city without consistent access to running water and ignited political divisions between the Democratic-led capital city and the Republican-controlled state government. The bill would transfer ownership of Jackson’s water system to a new regional public entity overseen by a nine-member board with the majority appointed by state leaders. The bill passed in a 34-15 vote and will move to the House for more work.

      North Carolina’s Republican-controlled Senate has passed a bill requiring teachers to alert parents in most circumstances before calling a student by a different name or pronoun. Sponsors say the bill is needed to keep parents informed about what their children are being taught in public schools. Critics say it would make schools unsafe spaces for LGBTQ and questioning children to explore their identities. The proposal passed the Senate 29-18 on Tuesday. It would also prohibit instruction about gender identity and sexuality in K-4 classrooms. It now heads to the state House, where Republicans likely would need some Democratic support to push it through.


      Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

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