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A group in Glens Falls has hopes of creating a co-op that would focus on fresh and locally grown food.

After weeks of informal discussions and Facebook networking, around 30 people met on Sunday at Rock Hill Bakehouse in Glens Falls to get the ball rolling.

Organized by Ben Lapham, Joy Kaczmarek and Matt Funiciello, the initiative, which is working under the moniker of "Glens Falls Food Co-Op," already has attracted more than 400 members to its group on the social media site Facebook.

During the Sunday meeting, people talked about what they would like to see in a co-op and shared thoughts on the steps required to get the process moving.

"It's time we take hold of our food systems and food ways," Kaczmarek said.

Although food co-ops can vary in organization and the products they carry, most operate as a collectively owned grocery store that makes natural foods more affordable for members.

Funiciello suggested the group look at starting out as a buying club and grow into an actual store as membership and interest increases.

Using the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany as a model, the group hopes to begin steps to establish a formal structure in the immediate future. The discussion included creating committees on legal issues, buying and handling, future growth, administration and writing a constitution.

The process will start with a survey of community members through email and Facebook.

"We want to support

the current small farm

infrastructure, and I hope

we can work with other mechanisms in the community that are already here," Funiciello said.



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