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A jury has been picked in the trial of a lawyer for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign who is accused of lying to the FBI as it investigated potential ties between Donald Trump and Russia in 2016. The case against Michael Sussmann, a cybersecurity attorney who represented the Clinton campaign in 2016, is the first trial arising from the ongoing investigation by special counsel John Durham and will test the strength of evidence he and his team have gathered while scrutinizing the early days of the Trump-Russia probe for potential misconduct.

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Authorities say a gunman in a deadly attack at a California church was a Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese people. California officials spoke Monday about what led to the shooter to open fire, killing John Cheng and wounding five others during a lunch held by Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department tweeted that 68-year-old David Chou of Las Vegas has been booked on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. A former neighbor says Chou’s life unraveled after he was nearly beaten to death several years ago. 

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Infant formula maker Abbott says it’s reached an agreement with U.S. health officials to restart production at its largest domestic factory, a key step toward easing a nationwide shortage. Abbott did not immediately detail the terms of the agreement reached with the Food and Drug Administration, which has been investigating safety problems at the Michigan facility. The consent decree is a binding legal agreement between the company and the federal government. After production resumes, Abbott has said it will take at least eight weeks to begin shipping new product to stores. The Biden administration has come under intense pressure over the last week to do more to ease the shortage of formula.

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Signs of Republican resistance are mounting over a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. It's a reemergence of the Trump-led isolationist wing of the GOP coming at a crucial moment as Ukraine desperately battles the Russian invasion. The Senate is expected to start voting late Monday on the Ukraine aid, pushing the bill toward final passage by week’s end. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell led a delegation of GOP senators to the region in a show of support over the weekend. He vowed to push past detractors, finish the aid package and vote this summer on expanding NATO to welcome Sweden and Finland.

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