Candidates should finish terms first


I saw a newspaper headline today referring to the recent blackout in New York City.

At the time the Mayor, Bill de Blasio, was in Iowa campaigning for president, as if he has any conceivable chance of getting the nomination. The same goes for our Senator Gillibrand, who swore to represent the people of our state, not waste time on a fool’s errand running for president.

Both of these politicians were elected to serve out their full terms in their current position.

Of course, we all remember Gillibrand promising to do so.

So much for campaign promises.

Most of the others running for president are doing the same thing. To be fair, both parties do this. It just happens to be the Democrats in this election cycle. Wouldn’t it be great to have a law that would require a public officeholder to resign their position prior to running for another?

Then they would be free to travel the country as they see fit without ignoring the constituents they pledged to serve. Of course, this will never happen. Congress would have to pass this and they are the ones who abuse this the most.

Kim Gamache,

Saratoga Springs

Changes to river to blame for flood


I was distressed by the AP article about New Orleans flooding. It made it sound as if the poor folks who have lived in New Orleans for 300 years are to blame for the flooding and are failing to come to terms with it.

New Orleans is a major port and has been an economic powerhouse with benefits for the whole United States of America for all those years.

But the Mississippi River used to carry lots of mud and soil down and deposit it in islands and marshes further south. Since we have dammed and diverted and tinkered with the river for 150 years to make it a better roadway for boats, and because of lots of other mistakes that have been done to the enormous system that used to protect New Orleans, now there is frequent catastrophic flooding.

The bill has come due and why should the individuals in New Orleans have to pay so we could have our cheap goods? We need to see that we have all benefited by the cheapness of river travel and see that we will have to pay more so the river can be restored, the islands can be restored and New Orleans can be safe again.

Elizabeth Crawford, Glens Falls

Horse racing is not a ‘sport of kings’


Might I add to your perspective on horse racing?

The one time I went to the Saratoga Race Course was at the invitation of relatives as a social event.

A horse named Pete’s Parley was racing, and it was suggested to me that I bet on that horse, which I did not do. I watched that race and the horse in question broke a leg and was put down.

I then understood why a horse ambulance follows each race and that every horse was running toward a death sentence.

What does it say about a society that says doping a human athlete is illegal, but it is OK to dope a horse? It is not “The Sport of Kings,” but the sport of callous humans who care little for the lives of magnificent animals. I look forward to the day that such racing is banned.

Peter Cartier, Queensbury

Lower paywall to see horses racing


A good fix for the NYRA to raise the attendance at the race track — lower the price to get in the track, as there are now too many places you can bet on the horses.

Plus too many big time shows for people to see all over our area. With a lower price to get in, many will say let’s go to the track to see the horses run. It doesn’t cost much to get in, can be a fun day for us.

What most people don’t know is that horse owners take very good care of their horses. Horses do get hurt, just like football, baseball, hockey players, etc. etc. That’s the way it is in the sports world.

The more horses that run, the more chance for accidents. Just like too many cars on the road. Enough said.

Sid Gordon, Saratoga Springs

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