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No slaughterhouse near airport, please


Sirs, I respectfully hope you rethink a slaughterhouse near our airport, if I understand correctly. I say this out of experience from Albany, when our airport was a good deal like yours and still many farms, etc. were on nearby roads that now show stylish stores.

My grandfather was a telephone man and told me of how in those early days of installation, businessmen wanted a phone. He was witness to a large, muscular man striking the cattle in the head as they came through a trough to their end. It was also driven home when I went to nursing school and they sent us to the Tobin Packing Co., where we learned where our dinners came from. I have no idea why this was done. I was 16 years old.

When I married, we came north and that has always been home. I know we need slaughterhouses, but we also need airports. Albany was tiny, but NOW — and so we can be. So work together — after all, meat can be shipped cheaply by air as well as other ways. We need to work together.

Sharon Gibbs, Glens Falls

Corinth plan is concerning


I’m feeling concern over a large proposed 60-unit, three-story transitional apartment building to be located on Pine Street in Corinth.

The property is owned by Hudson River Federal Credit Union, to be donated to RISE. There has been no information or public hearings to inform the public, it has been swept under the carpet by the local officials.

RISE rents these low-income units to mental health patients and recovering addicts, with 15 units for low income seniors and 15 low income apartments.

This proposed project had a “public zoom hearing” on the Hudson River Credit Union web page, invite only, with eight people. Someone asked if there would be a public hearing, and the answer was no, that was the public hearing.

Please view that tape, someone shared the tape with me, that’s how I found out about the proposal. The concerns I have as a taxpayer — we have no public transportation for people to get to and work a job, there are no jobs in the village, we do not have mental health services, we have no hospital, no addiction support services, and we have not had our own police force in years.

Also the building will be next to schools, churches and parks. I would like to know why this was not tabled until the public could attend meetings and voice their concerns. I have questions and so do my taxpaying neighbors.

I did not see any coverage in the papers or I missed any coverage. It seems to me the largest building project in the Village should have taxpayer input.

Any neighbor who feels left in the dark, contact the village mayor and trustees at 518-654-2012 or call me 518-654-2001.

Louise Kirkpatrick, Corinth

Save your support for our country


On Jan. 6, I watched from my doctor’s office the horrifying events unfold across the Capitol. Officers dragged across the floors, beaten with canes, shields, batons and even our American flag. I watched in horror as they crushed an officer in a door. So much for “back the blue.” I guess we only “back the blue” when it fits our agendas.

Yet even after this violence, we face greater threats to our democracy. During a rally in Dallas, Texas, coined “For God & Country Patriot Roundup,’’ like it was some sort of country festival, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn stated (when asked why a Myanmar-style coup d’etat couldn’t be executed within the United States) “No reason. I mean, it should happen here. No reason.” This was furthered by statements from former president Donald Trump who claimed he would return to power in August.

Donald Trump and his allies continue to destabilize the United States. Their continued decrying of the election of 2020 has further dug a rift within a nation already divided. When Hillary lost in 2016, Republicans screamed get over it, as she should have, she lost, he won, that is how elections work.

Whether you support claims of election fraud, supporting the overthrow of the U.S. government must stand to reason as ludicrous. History has repeatedly shown the effects of a coup on any country.

The United States is not revolutionary France, we are not Myanmar, we are not fascist Italy. The support of leaders plotting the overthrow of a government is not only outrageous but unAmerican. We are not built on the ideals of spilling each other’s blood, we are built upon the ideals of reason and kindness.

If you support the United States of America, you cannot support Donald Trump’s insanity any longer.

Jack Sweet, Queensbury

Redistricting could turn out all wrong


Some people knew what redistricting District 21 could end up having done, how we could really be ruined by the wrong people having control of us, especially the framers, by having someone in a city trying to work with them.

At one point, Mr. McHugh had a piece in a newspaper, where he figured the town of Massena could be under someone’s control in Uitca or Watertown with Syracuse.

This was talked about in 2002. Do you really want to compete with larger towns for help?

Cynthia Merrick,

North Lawrence

Stefanik plunges into putrid place


As Stefanik wallowed, luxuriating at Trump’s Bedminster golf course recently, collecting that fat 250K check from her fundraiser, I pondered — was she OK with this?

That obscene amount of cash she pocketed was ponied up by Republican fat cats who, like Trump, probably have paid no federal income taxes. Stefanik also basked in the lavish praise of her Dear Leader at that A-list event.

Trump loves her so much: “Elise has been incredible and loyal to our movement. We have to make sure she’s able to win big....”

But what about the recent bombshell revelation that Trump used the DOJ as his play toy? Trump did Nixon (the guy who created enemy lists) one worse by using his creatures, AGs Jeff Sessions and Bob Barr, against his political enemies, including Stefanik’s particular bête noire, Adam Schiff.

Trump stamped on our constitutional 4th Amendment right against illegal search and seizure. He violated the DOJ’s independence for his own self-serving ends. It nakedly reveals Trump’s authoritarian “movement” to replace our democracy of three independent branches of government with Trump’s own state, also comprising three branches: himself, his family and his obsequiously loyal toadies like Stefanik.

Trump’s dangerous investigation of Schiff and others and his gag order to hide his illegality should be impeachable as an anti-constitutional abuse of power.

What would Stefanik say if Biden stole phone and internet data, seeking political dirt to destroy her “fantastic career” (as Trump overweeningly praises)? Only that gob of campaign money she got from Trump and friends talks. It speaks of her political corruption.

Of course, ever the political opportunist, no assault on our democracy is too flagrant for her, so long as Trump remains her asset. The stink rising from that Bedminster swamp Stefanik now wallows is really pretty putrid.

Mark MacWilliams, Canton

We cannot wait on climate action


I am sharing my email response to Senator Dan Stec regarding his recent email, “End of Session—Wrap up Statement:”

Dear Senator Stec,

Thanks for the update, but you really missed the boat by not helping to get the Climate and Community Investment Act out of your committee and on to the Senate floor for a vote. You are the ranking Republican on the N.Y. Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, which failed to move the CCIA out of your committee.

We ask why.

In 2019, the Legislature approved the bold (and hopeful) “Climate Act,” setting goals to decrease statewide greenhouse gas emissions and increase renewable energy production. The CCIA (Senate Bill S4624) was the funding bill to move those goals forward. Why it didn’t get out of committee is astounding.

As the climate crisis worsens, N.Y. climate action is slowing down. The CCIA was calling for fines on corporate polluters, creation of green local jobs and protections of workers currently in the fossil fuel industry. Now we must wait for the next legislative session in 2022 to pass the CCIA.

We ask why.

We just can’t wait until tomorrow to take substantial climate action when yesterday was already too late!

Diane Collins, Glens Falls

North Country Earth Action


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