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Stefanik promoted riot, then criticized


Interesting to read Stefanik’s criticism of yesterday’s violence at the Capitol, when she did everything to promote the election fantasy that caused it.

Wallace Paprocki, Saratoga Springs

Curb warming or face many horrors


The economy. Think it will cost too much to convert everything, transportation, homes, offices, agriculture, etc. to 100% clean energy? It’s expensive, but get this, the Earth has already gained 1 degree Celsius in temperature.

The damages due to global warming, fires, droughts, floods, sea level rise, tornadoes, hurricanes, cost us dearly — in the U.S., about 1% of GDP. At 1.5 degrees of warming, the world would be $20 trillion poorer, and at 2 degrees of warming, $40 trillion poorer. A 3.7 degree Celsius warming would cause $551 trillion in damages. Today, worldwide wealth is estimated at $280 trillion.

Meanwhile, we subsidize the fossil fuel industry at $5 trillion yearly. Think what we could do with that if we closed the old, polluting plants, installing clean, green energy instead.

Unfortunately, we can’t wait. We need to reach 100% clean energy within the next decade or Earth’s temperature will rise to the point where the results will be horrifying, in costs to both human and animal life, and economically. This will not be the world as we know it, the one on which global temperatures allowed the evolution of current life.

Heat-related deaths, starvation, mass evacuations from areas no longer inhabitable are just some of the miseries in store for us. So please, conserve fossil fuels.

Jahnn Swanker-Gibson, Johnstown

Snowden, Assange deserve to be freed


As the president’s first term winds down we’ve landed in an uncharacteristic moment of opportunity. And two issues of extreme significance — the protection of press freedom and the obligation a democratic government has to provide transparency to its citizens — need attention from people of all political persuasions.

Nothing could do more to bolster these essential protections than a presidential pardoning of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

In both the case of Assange and Snowden, the U.S. government seeks to imprison these men indefinitely for having brought light to criminal actions the government committed both in our name and purposefully in darkness. Because democratic governments derive their power from a consenting public, we cannot offer our consent to exercises of power that are deliberately hidden from us. And so democracy cannot function without an informed citizenry, and no two men have done more to inform U.S. citizens of the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and domestic mass surveillance than Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

As North Country folk, we have a unique conduit to the president through Representative Elise Stefanik. And regardless of whether you love or despise her politics, she serves at the behest of the people of the 21st District.

So please remind yourself who politicians work for, then call Congresswoman Stefanik. Ask her to tell the president that Snowden and Assange deserve a pardon and that the people of the North Country care about freedom of the press and protection from unconstitutional surveillance by their own government.

She can be reached at (518) 743-0964 or

Tom Jebb, Ticonderoga

Election questions still need answers


I read the article in the New York Post recently, regarding Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s position on opposing the certification of the contested electors on Jan. 6, and I absolutely agree with her decision. Why wouldn’t every Democrat and Republican elected representative agree? The American people need to know what really happened. I appreciate Congresswoman Stefanik taking a stand. I hope this is a step forward to find out the facts.

So the election results are coming in on election night and then around 3:30 a.m. they stop. Why? What I have been reading about and listening to since the election bring up questions for me, such as chain of custody issues, ballot box issues, ballots from New York state trucked into Pennsylvania, voting software issues, ballots in suitcases in Georgia. Servers in other countries. Are you kidding me?

I listened to many people who worked the election in Pennsylvania and heard serious questions raised by regular people with no agenda. Congresswoman Stefanik noted that Article II of the US Constitution and the 12th Amendment “makes clear that I have an obligation to act on this matter if I believe there are serious questions with respect to the Presidential Election.” She stated in the article she believes those questions exist. So do I. I believe the integrity of our system of government is at stake here, not a small matter.

Congresswoman Stefanik stated “tens of millions of Americans are rightly concerned that the 2020 election featured unprecedented voting irregularities, unconstitutional overreach by unelected state officials and judges ignoring state election laws and a fundamental lack of ballot integrity and security.” Agree.

We need to know what happened from a full investigation.

Brandon Myers,

town of Saratoga

Virus of lies is attacking U.S.


I am so embarrassed for my country. This is what happens when mendacity obliterates truth. The abuse of power that incited violence in DC is treasonous. Nothing less than sedition.

The senators and congressmen who engaged and encouraged it should be held accountable and not just shamed for their participation. Because they have betrayed our country for their political expediency by toadying to the originator of conspiracy theories, it has come to this insurrection. They are complicit for what happened in D.C., as surely as if they, too, stormed in with the rioters.

Elise Stefanik is guilty of sedition. She was one of many who have perpetrated this attack against truth with her lame claims of irregularities in state elections. Shame on her! How can we stand for her to say she represents us when she so egregiously lies to her constituents?

The world has suffered a pandemic this year. There is another kind of virus that has swept through our country, one that attacks truth, morality and blackens the soul of our nation and is as deadly to our republic as any plague the world has seen.

Stefanik is more than a symptom of this disease; her ilk is the cause. We’ve seen it happen in other nations around the world, and now it’s swept through ours.

I know confidence in the United States from our allies has been damaged by this monster in the White House and his henchmen, and our adversaries are gleeful today. I don’t know how long it will take, but there are enough good, morally driven people who will work hard to restore it.

Agata Stanford, Glens Falls

Trump, Stefanik take us to new low


The day when Electoral College votes were to be counted, Donald Trump proved himself to be clearly guilty of both sedition and treason by encouraging a coup. I thought his election was one of the most horrible events in our nation’s history. I was wrong. Trump has proven himself to be a criminal who should be led from the White House in handcuffs.

Donald Trump has shown the world that he considers his country is no better than a banana republic. What a sad day for America.

What a sorry bunch of losers! Trump, McConnell and Stefanik. How sad and disgusting they were ever elected.

Does Trump still have admirers? Ask Congressman-elect Luke Letlow. Wait. You can’t ask him. He’s dead from Trump’s coronavirus “hoax.”

Every Trump supporter should be ashamed. If they have any remaining dignity, they should renounce their mistaken support.

How is it going with the loony-bin lawsuit that Elise joined to try to allow Trump to steal the election? Elise pledged an oath to uphold our constitution. Why did she lie to us?

Now, Elise is demonstrating her spineless lack of moral courage by demeaning the Constitution and objecting to Biden’s clear victory. Elise is complicit in supporting Trump’s coup attempt. How could such a loser be elected here? I want a better person representing me in Congress.

And what was Elise doing in Georgia? Why doesn’t she spend a little time at her second home in the 21st District? Who is paying for Elise to campaign for the inside trader, loser Senate candidates in Georgia? You and me?

I would be very happy to see senators Ossoff and Warnock here campaigning against her in 2022. Poetic justice!

Elise, give the district a belated Christmas present. Resign from office so we can have a decent, responsible representative.

Al Muench, Chestertown

GOP, please find another candidate


Dear Representative Stefanik, I am glad you are safe and relieved that you are sad about what happened in Washington Wednesday. However, you cannot absolve yourself of a part in the violence, especially when you addressed Congress moments after the insurrection was quelled, continuing your opposition to the election results, which encourages even more violence. Your position has no basis in fact and you ignore the legal decisions of countless court cases. Your position is truly undemocratic.

You have overplayed your Trump card here in the North Country. You have never lived among the people you represent and I believe you underestimate their honesty and good intentions. I sincerely believe there are not enough people in the North Country who believe in conspiracy theories and harbor grievance fantasies to re-elect you after your embarrassing support of President Trump.

I challenge the Republican Party to find another candidate to run against you who cares more about the problems we face in the North Country (income inequality, poverty, affordable housing, child care, health care, domestic violence, addiction, and the COVID-19 crisis), than about their own political future in Washington, as seems to be your primary interest.

Jerilea Zempel, Keene

Enabling drinking by teens is mistake


This has been an unprecedented time of uncertainty as parents struggle to maintain family stability through the pandemic. While COVID-19 can overshadow many issues, please do not let underage drinking be one of them. Remember that hosting underage drinking parties is never acceptable and is illegal.

Some parents wonder if allowing their kids to drink at home can help them develop “an appropriate relationship with alcohol.” The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that some parents take this even further and start enabling underage drinking for other teens in their home, thinking they are providing a controlled environment.

One or two parents attempting to control a dozen or more teens who are drinking alcohol is not a controlled environment. There are long and short term consequences for teens. Those teens are at risk of harming the development of their brains, adverse reactions to the medication they take, sexual assault at the party or elsewhere, and injury to themselves or others. Far more effective than allowing drinking at home is to model good drinking behavior and to have strict rules about underage drinking, the NIAAA found.

Giving kids alcohol doesn’t help them learn to drink responsibly. It teaches them that their parents are OK with them drinking, which only encourages them to push those boundaries further and to experiment more.

The Community Coalition for Family Wellness in South Glens Falls, The Prevention Council of Saratoga County and the Council for Prevention in Warren/Washington Counties are here as a resource and an ally to parents and community members in keeping our kids safe. Reach out to us for resources at, and or on social media.

Kelly Stevens,

South Glens Falls

Coalition Coordinator,

Community Coalition for Family Wellness

Thugs at Capitol echo Brownshirts


On Aug. 16, 2016, you published a letter of mine that closed with the following — “For those who think it can’t happen here, remember Hitler was elected by a fear-driven, conspiracy-believing, racist and uber-nationalistic part of the public that was bullied by power hungry thugs into getting in line or else.”

I was taken to task in a letter from a Mr. Dewey Benedetti two weeks later for being a “bully” and in need of an “anger management course.” He was also very thankful he wasn’t my neighbor for some reason.

Well, here we are four-plus years later, watching a Trump-inspired gang of thugs attempt a violent coup of the United States government at the same time a group of Trump cultist congresspeople (including our own Elise Stefanik) were attempting a legislative coup in the same building that was being invaded by an angry mob not unlike the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany.

Did our fake president call out the National Guard to safeguard our Congress? No. Did he put out a video, calling these traitors “special people” and telling them he “loved” them? Yes.

Am I in need of an anger management course now? You betcha. I will enroll in such a class after Mr. Benedetti enrolls in a basic world history course. Remember that those who fail to study history are doomed to relive it.

Bill Martin, Glens Falls

Trump has taken us to unimaginable low


After listening to many Republican and Democratic Congress members plus business leaders, putting the attempted coup at the feet of our current president, I found it extremely interesting that Elise Stefanik could decry the use of violence and destruction and proclaim that they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and then vote to object to the count of the Electoral College of the U.S.

She showed herself to be a believer in an unsubstantiated claim that election results were rigged and to still be a loyal follower of Trump.

Where was the president in a time of a horrific American crisis? Where has the president been in regard to the coronavirus pandemic? When are our political leaders going to say enough to party politics and anything to win? When will moral decency, the good for all, working together, honoring our Constitution and the rights for all instead of just the individual be the focus of our government? Instead of making America great again this president has taken us to an all-time low.

Judy Mirczak, town of Day

Trump fans: Think what you’ve done


Well, Trump/Stefanik voters, we hope you are pleased with what you enabled on Jan. 6, 2021. I guess the “law and order” and “back the blue” slogans apply only when there are Black Lives Matter demonstrations, not when a throng of borderline-intellect, white supremacist thugs try to overthrow our government, because their cult idol persists in throwing an unremitting hissy-fit over his verified loss in the election. We are sickened by the endorsement of this criminality by you Trump-cult supporters. History will mark you down as unworthy of exercising your right to vote, when you exercise it so irresponsibly as to advocate for such cruel and self-serving leadership as represented by Trump and Stefanik. To paraphrase what the ghost of Christmas present said to Scrooge at the end of Stave III of “A Christmas Carol” — “Deny it! Slander those who tell it ye! Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse! And bide the end!”

D. Neal Iverson, Queensbury

Riot’s enablers should hang heads


I am writing in response to the violent assault on American democracy which we witnessed on Jan. 6, 2021 by criminals, certainly not patriots as they try to hide behind that term.

I say, to paraphrase a genuinely great American president, we must remember the following names in infamy: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Elise Stefanik. They are rogues and villains who have attacked our American system of government with disinformation, lies and a total want of respect for the electorate over the past month as shown in their repeated refusals to accept the legal results of that election. These individuals should hang their heads in shame and immediately retire from public life.

These individuals have attempted to undermine our system of free and open elections through false accusations of a stolen election and, finally, to the sitting president inciting a mob that resulted in criminal activity. The sitting president’s lies about election fraud followed by urging the misinformed mob listening to his harangue to march on the Capitol building transformed a crowd of his supporters into a criminal mob bent on violence and destruction.

I consider it a hopeful sign for our democracy that on the same day as that assault, it was reported that the voters of the state of Georgia had ignored these same lies and disinformation to elect two senators who spoke the truth about the legal election of Joseph Biden as the 47th president of the United States.

William Rawson, North Creek

Work and work to see Stefanik gone


I am sitting here watching the anarchists that stormed our Capitol, sick to my stomach! I am making a commitment to work from this day forward to see our congressional representative, Elise Stefanik, retired in two years! No violence, no bad words, not threatening. Just work and work to see her gone!

Kevin Elms, Fort Edward

Stefanik undermines the U.S. democracy


“Donald Trump’s speech and behavior show that he has severe sociopathic traits… The paranoia of severe sociopathy creates a profound risk of war.” (The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, 2017).

Trump is incapable of a focus external to himself. Little did we know that the war would be on U.S. soil, in the U.S. Capitol. I sit feeling horror as I watch American citizens physically fight with Capitol and D.C. police, break windows, trespass in government buildings, rifle through desks, scale walls, plant pipe bombs and threaten U.S. Congress members.

How did we get here? Trump incited supporters by lying, manipulating and energizing violent people; therefore, instigating a riot. Who helped to support these acts? By choosing to vote against the Electoral College count, Congresswoman Stefanik, NY-21, colluded with these actions. She chose to ignore democracy and the will of the voting public, thereby voicing to support a coup.

Inspiring a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power from a government is a treasonous act. Stefanik is part of the violent mob, a conspirator in betraying our country. Stefanik is dangerous to our democracy. Call Stefanik’s office today and ask for her resignation.

Laura Holzer, Saranac

Iota is not enough proof for lawsuit


In regard to a letter published Sunday, Jan. 10, from Michael J. Grasso, former chairman of the Warren County Republican Committee, recently appointed member fo Warren Washington County IDA — please be advised, Mr. Grasso’s and Congressmember Stefanik’s objections to the 2020 presidential election have been lawfully overruled by every state and federal court in which they were made. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that one state cannot challenge another’s election process.

As an aside, I looked up the word iota, which means an extremely small amount, and found an example of its use: “Nothing she said seemed to make an iota of difference.” Mr. Grasso, words do matter. Adding “slightest” to modify iota, sounds like diminishing a very little amount even further to just about nothing.

The legal standards or burdens of proof include:

  • Beyond a reasonable doubt;
  • A clear and convincing amount of evidence;
  • The lowest standard, a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not).

A litigant must provide a prima facia case based upon actual proof. Imagine what would happen to the insurance industry if claims based upon “the slightest iota of proof “ were not immediately dismissed, as all the 2020 “election fraud” claims were?

Lies based on claimed “slightest iota of proof” are the same lies that inflamed uninformed citizens to commit sedition and violate the People’s House. Anyone promoting the dissemination of false information and attacking the legitimacy or propriety of the 2020 election, thereby invoking violence, should be held accountable. There is a reason we do not let children play with matches.


E Pluribus Unum

Fight Truth Decay

Michael Stern, Fort Edward

Stefanik, you bear some of the blame


So rising star, how do you feel today after the mess of yesterday? Do you now see what and who Trump is? Maybe yourself because you went from a person who stood up for the Constitution for the voter, to a follower who only wanted to make him happy.

Maybe you can see the answer to a question Jordan asked of Mr. Cohen, “You want us to believe you were so happy to be around Trump you did whatever he asked?” Thousands of people did just that yesterday after he said he would march with them to the White House, that he really won and the votes were wrong and you went along with it.

How do you feel this morning, being taken in by a person who lied to us every day? Who knew this virus was coming and kept lying to us, and you went along with him? You have a hand in all that happened since the impeachment did not happen for not standing up for the Constitution you swore to uphold! He found that day he could do what he wanted and the GOP in Congress would let him.

Thank you for the fact now more of the taxpayer money will go to clean up this mess instead of being used to help during this pandemic he knew about and lied to us about for a month and a half. Because he had to have his weekly feel good rallies.

Even when he finally did say something it was all about him, not the damage done, but him, him, him… Do you still feel like a rising star? You, as much as any GOPer, are the blame for what happened at the Capitol — letting him do as he wanted.

Cynthia Merrick, North Lawrence

Voters: Consider decency, integrity


Hopefully, the next time people vote for their leaders, they’ll consider more than party affiliation or ideology when they consider which candidate to support. While decency and integrity certainly don’t, by themselves, qualify someone to hold office, the absence of one or both of these traits should certainly disqualify a candidate from holding office.

There was ample evidence before 2016 that Donald Trump clearly lacked both of these traits. He should never have been elected in the first place and shouldn’t even have been chosen as the standard bearer for the Republican Party.

If the majority of voters continue to ignore the importance of these two traits, they will have no one but themselves to blame for any future failures of leadership, like we have witnessed over the past four years. Just think how many lives could have been saved by a rational response to the coronavirus outbreak a year ago.

Chuck Cumming, Bolton Landing

You represent the thugs now, Elise


Wake up, Elise Stefanik! You are entering a nightmare that will only get worse. You saw what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. You were there! You saw the thugs and punks who stormed the building and hunted for senators and representatives. You are torpedoing your future and selling your soul to curry favor with the likes of them.

Are these the constituents you want to represent? Is this the behavior you stand behind? I can’t believe you admire them. No, you fear them, just as you fear Donald Trump. Your cowardice prevents you from standing up to them.

As the congressional representative of NY-21, you should be occupying yourself with helping your North Country constituents get vaccinated, get medical treatment when needed, reopen their businesses, find jobs. You should be focused on nothing but local recovery from the pandemic and the subsequent financial crisis.

Instead, you spend all of your energy supporting the delusional soon-to-be ex-president and his deranged beliefs. How do the hardworking people of NY-21 benefit from your abject fealty to Trumpism?

Elise Stefanik, you do not truly represent NY-21. You represent only yourself, your ambition, and your failed and flailing president. Wake up, sign on for impeachment of the president or resign.

Warren Schultz, Greenwich

Elise participated in own clever way


If there was any doubt about the assessment that Rep. Elise Stefanik is an entirely self-motivated — if otherwise unprincipled — hack (smart and well-spoken though she be), it is erased by her votes on the electoral results. She split the difference (yea on PA, nay on AZ), and can now speak “credibly” on this issue out of both sides of her mouth.

We are blessed to have such a master of the craft for our representative. I encourage her constituents to send her a message, reminding her that she shares culpability for the seditious events at the Capitol, just in case she wonders about that — though I know that her “conscience” is clear.

Meanwhile, I fear that it may take a generation to fully assess the damage done to our republic. I only hope we have that much time.

S. Peter Feldstein, Hope Falls

Use carbon pricing to fight on climate


Saratoga Friends Meeting recently wrote to our congressional representatives. We encouraged them to advance carbon pricing legislation. As members of the Religious Society of Friends, we are motivated by our Quaker faith to endorse the position of our Friends Committee on National Legislation: Carbon prices remain a necessary condition of ambitious climate policies.

Many economists agree that pricing carbon is the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed necessary. Emission targets need to be in line with the scientific community’s recommendations to avoid catastrophic impacts of climate change. If reduction targets are not met, the price should increase. The legislation must ensure that the costs of a carbon price are not borne by marginalized and low-income communities. Polluters must not move operations to other countries to avoid paying for their emissions. Legislation should include transparent reporting to monitor emission levels.

Our Quaker faith guides us to acknowledge and celebrate our interconnection with the natural world, pay attention to related concerns, including climate change, and join with others in active stewardship. As Quakers we believe in science.

The overwhelming consensus of scientists is reflected in the report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We are in an existential crisis that threatens all life on Earth. Once all carbon emissions stop, relief begins 30 years later. Meanwhile, weather related disasters will worsen.

We must act now.

James Ralston, Quaker Springs

Saratoga Friends Meeting

Service association just keeps helping


Family Service Association of Glens Falls, Inc. celebrated 110 years of service and support to the community in 2020!

We did not have a party. We did not run a fundraiser. What we did do was help people, as we have done since 1910. And the support of our community at large made it possible. Thank you!

During this pandemic, we changed and adapted new procedures for giving assistance to align with recommendations with NY DOH and the CDC. But the one thing we have not changed is helping people. We have stayed open throughout and provided assistance in more than 2,500 cases, such as help with housing, heat, rent, food, transportation and medical needs. Families have been cooperative and mindful in adapting to new procedures.

But it is the kind and caring donations from private donors, Tri-County United Way, businesses, schools, and the Faith community that help keep our services and programs running. Thank you for the donations and support. You help make a difference in many people’s lives. And you are helping us continue our work into the future.

We plan to try for a 111-year anniversary celebration this year. What a fun number! Stay tuned.

As we look forward to the celebration and more stable times, I would like to share words left by families helped in 2020: “Thank you for all your help,” “Thank you so much. My family is so grateful.” “We wish for you to have magic this year and all year as we go into 2021!”

Happy New Year!

Kimberly Sopczyk, Glens Falls

Executive Director

Family Service Association

Trump has thrived on resentments


I am an old hippie. We were the Aquarians, people of peace and equality. We were anti-establishment — opposing a system which waged wars of oppression and sought to enrich the few at the expense of the many and at the expense of the fragile environment we inhabited.

We did not seek to overthrow the system and institutions in anarchy but rather to hold it to its own stated promises of freedom, equality, justice and prosperity for all. We were ridiculed, beaten, arrested and killed but strove on. We enacted great changes through mainly peaceful means — human rights, voting rights, environmental rights, equal rights. A beginning.

Meanwhile many of those who happily reaped the rewards of the plunderous, environmentally insensitive and unsustainable system of greed, fueled by the manufacture of weapons of death and destruction as well as throwaway baubles of consumerism found themselves dispensable. They were replaced by ever cheaper ever exploitable workers around the world and by robots.

“We haven’t been heard,” they cried as their spigots of greed dried up. They hadn’t been heard because they had been quietly complicit as long as the spoils of pillage poured in. When their sniveling was heard by Donald Trump, they mistakenly took the destroyer as their savior and he began to divide and conquer. The result should come as no surprise. Vigilance, not vigilantes!

Jane Smith, Saratoga Springs

Stefanik knew how bad Trump would be


The debacle at the Capitol was four (actually more) years in the making. From the beginning, Trump told us and showed us who he was. We had to know he was a self-centered bully who would take America down if it would help him gain personally.

From his early rallies, where he would encourage “Lock her up!” about his opponent, to “Get him out of here” to anyone who challenged him, to the charge of “Mexican rapists,” he encouraged the worst in his followers.

The shame of the attack on the Capitol is what “Make America Great” has come to. His “drain the swamp” has led to the most corrupt administration in generations. Follower after follower who would join his administration would be favored as long as they prostrated themselves to his tweets. The moment they would challenge him, he would debase them on Twitter, and then fire them.

Still the lure was there to suck up to him, thinking that they alone would somehow escape his wrath. Our own congressperson is but one. So far she has escaped his pique. I am convinced this fear, combined with opportunism, is what caused her and more than 100 other representatives and 10 senators to sign on to his baseless claims of fraud. There never was any proof of fraud shown by anyone … Simply baseless conspiracies.

They said they only wanted to be able to prove to his followers that all the legal votes were counted. This is as if a congressional inquiry would be accepted by anyone!

I wish that Congressperson Stefanik would demonstrate some shame over her participation in the attempt to overturn our election, but I would be surprised to see it.

Tom Parsons, Lake Luzerne

Stefanik, you owe voters an apology


Ms. Stefanik, I hope you feel ashamed.

You allowed your career aspirations to prevail over your ethical obligations to your constituents.

You have the privilege of graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. You should understand that actions have consequences.

I hope you understand that by challenging the results of a free and fair election, you contributed directly to the rioting and lawlessness that took place in our nation’s capital.

I hope you understand that you contributed when you spread lies and resorted to innuendo against your opponent in order to win an election. You contributed when you hired campaign managers who misled voters.

You contributed when you used terms such as “radical leftists” to divide people in our district, making it more difficult for us to work together to solve the many problems in our communities.

You contributed when you refused to meet face to face with constituents you disagreed with to have respectful conversations about the needs of our district. You let us down when your glib comments and non-answers brushed aside our concerns.

Ms. Stefanik, furthering your career does not justify abandoning the principles of democracy. Please go somewhere quiet and think about what you have done. You owe us an apology.

Phyllis Cavanagh, Granville

Stefanik is not fit to serve in House


Elise Stefanik’s decision to protest the results of Joe Biden’s election to the presidency of the United States is laughable; Ms. Stefanik is as big a con as Donald Trump. The ballots in question also elected Republican senators and representatives, yet those results are not in question. These results have been certified by all 50 states, and no lawsuits have prevailed, because there was no evidence to present.

Ms. Stefanik is not fit to serve as our representative, with her treasonous behavior. As a Republican, I find her fealty to Donald Trump repulsive and craven.

Joanne Swanson, Queensbury

Pushing big lie led to violence


I have written to Congresswoman Stefanik, in hopes of having her help me understand why she persists in stirring up the fires of baseless conspiracy and destructive discord.

It is clear as crystal to me that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud. That’s just ridiculous. It is clear as crystal to me that President Trump has continuously propagated outrageous lies to the contrary, and that these lies are ensnaring a minority of us into believing there is a conspiracy to rob Mr. Trump of a “landslide victory.” That’s despicable.

It’s also clear to me that he has been encouraging that minority to violence. That’s unbelievably dangerous. But he did indeed encourage his supporters to come to Washington and then at 1 p.m. to “walk to the Capitol.” That is probably seditious, given that some of his followers were armed and violent and went on a rampage, an insurrection, in the very house of our democracy.

You have said you are against the violence. But you have failed to repudiate the obvious inflammation of that violence by Mr. Trump. And you have continued on your own to propagate the lie that the election of Mr. Biden was rigged. Baseless conspiracy, in my opinion, destructively divisive and in the end lethal.

Not responsible? Yes, you are standing beside the man where the buck stops.

Shame on you, Congresswoman Stefanik. And shame on my congressional district — because you are our elected representative. I tell you now — you are not representing anything of my love of the Constitution, which you vowed to defend, or of my American democracy, which is fragile and which your views are putting in real danger.

President Trump is going down in ignominy. Are you going after him? Help me understand.

Richard P. Leach, MD, Queensbury

We won’t forget Stefanik’s actions


That the events at the Capitol were predictable doesn’t make them any less horrific. When Donald Trump escalated to a breathless public in 2015, it was clear to this American that an existential threat to the nation had materialized. With time, it became ever clearer.

The madness spiraled. The wanna-be dictator egged on his duped supporters to trash the Peoples’ House and terrorize our representatives. And who signed on to perpetuate the myth that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are illegitimate elect? Why, our very own Representative Elise Stefanik; a sycophant and an enabler? Her last-minute change of heart was a too-little, too-late attempt to clean herself up.

You hooked your wagon to a dangerous “star,” Elise. Your constituents know who you are, and we won’t forget.

Wendy Aronson, Lake Luzerne

It’s time to change Stefanik’s photo


Perhaps it’s time to change the picture.

Elise Stefanik has grown too old and seditious for the freshman congressional portrait the Post-Star normally prints.

In 1779, Benedict Arnold sold out to the British for money and glory. Because of his treason, he is only represented at the Saratoga Battlefield by a sculpted boot.

Is it time to update Stefanik’s portrait with a photograph of her sneaker?

Catherine Fay Roberts, Schuylerville


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