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Use vote to restore pride in the USA


I find myself thinking of what has become of our democracy, our country, over the past four years. It saddens my soul to see our democracy trashed by Trump, w/the complicity and full support of Ms. Stefanik.

I had the opportunity to ask her a direct question @ her Moreau Coffee, a simple one: “Will you be completely honest in your campaign? Yes or no.” Ms. Stefanik refused to answer, which is the most honest she has been.

Her voting record disclaims her environmentalist cloak, the votes that are “bipartisan” are actually “safe votes’ for her: She can vote against the party line & claim to be bipartisan by so doing. Yet, in truth, those votes go nowhere as McConnell & Trump indicate they would not pass the legislation in question. Case in point: the recent bill to fund the post office.

She has yet to speak out on Trump’s assessment of the military, other than a statement on the rain in France, verified by her office. The obvious truth in her carpetbagger status, the glaring conflicts in her resume vs. her claim to be from Willsboro. Her character is further shown in supporting Trump’s handling of CoV, or lack thereof, which has sent our country to her knees.

We are no longer “One Nation under God,” instead we have been divided, pitted against each other. Ms. Stefanik is guilty of that herself w/her campaign of name-calling & mistruths, counting on her base to believe w/out question. Her not condemning the idea of a Trump Army, indeed condoning such w/her silence re: Apex & the North Country Deplorables is quite discouraging, silently condoning their behavior as counter-protesters.

Please remember in November, use your vote to get the Good Ole USA back — vote Tedra Cobb. Thank you.

LoisAnn Jahne, Cambridge

The truth would not have panicked us


Trump withheld crucial information from us about COVID-19 “to avoid panic.” Exactly what panic did Trump imagine would ensue? Americans fleeing en masse to Canada and Mexico, clogging highways and blocking border crossings?’

Hordes in the streets running in circles, dithering all the while, “What to do? What to do?” A crippling run on plywood at Home Depot? A bottled water shortage? Mass suicide? “Avoid panic” doesn’t even pass the giggle test.

Thomas Martinson, Fort Ann

Being responsible makes life better


In reply to Beatriz Roman: Does a letter to the editor make me Pandora, responsible for all the ills of the world? Would your vitriol be less if I wrote law-abiding instead of middle class? The two are inextricably linked. I also take issue with the assigned heading. People who both have guns, who shoot each other, are victims? Of what, bad upbringing?

Today, just asking: Matter? To who, what for? Earns the racist label. Chris Rock discussed “two kinds” in a comedy routine. Maybe he’s racist.

The character MLK asked we judge by is revealed from behavior.

Every day, the news shows more mayhem. Providing concrete legitimate fact-based reasons for fear you call ignorant racism; equating raising voices with raising hell.

You think I’m ignoring and denying crimes! The Rolling Stones were prescient. They warned misplaced sympathy ends in a world, “Where every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints.”

Yes, after 40 years of jobs no one wanted, I’m comfortable. Problems? I could have boarded the give-up bus, too. No, I had a Bronx mom: “If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it in the dictionary.” Personal and responsibility are in there, too. Life is better for everyone when they’re together.

Charles Ribaudo, Glens Falls

Rob Smith is most qualified as judge


I am a registered Democrat and I will be voting for Rob Smith for Warren County Court judge. Not only am I a life-long Democrat, but I am also an attorney and I have worked with Rob in his role as clerk to Hon. John S. Hall, Jr., for several years.

I am regularly appointed by the court as court evaluator in matters concerning the appointment of a guardian. These matters are particularly sensitive. In every instance in which I have dealt with Rob over the years, he is cordial, professional and very well prepared.

I have seen Rob interact with court staff and attorneys and he always treats others with respect. He has the knowledge, experience and demeanor to make an excellent county court judge. In his current role as Judge Hall’s clerk, there simply is no better preparation for this position.

In supporting Rob in this way, I think it is important to point out that political party does not play a role in the carrying out of this position, nor it is a factor in my choice. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly pledge my support for Rob Smith, the most qualified candidate for Warren County Court judge.

Sheila Duerr, Glens Falls

Trump cares for few but lies to everyone


The current president of the United States has made it clear that he represents the interests of only 30% of the country.

When it comes to lying however ... Trump does not discriminate, he lies to everybody.

Brigid Martin,

South Glens Falls


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