Higher taxes won’t help community


I seem to be missing something here in the campaign program for a sales tax increase to 8 percent being pushed by candidates Beaty and Whitehead; and, I might add, seemingly endorsed by you and your merry bunch of women and men on your editorial board. Is there any question that, in the end, all of us in the community will pay the total of property taxes, municipal taxes and school taxes? If the county were to ever get the 1 percent increase, which is very doubtful, why not simply use it in the county tax process? Why muddy the waters by involving the schools?

The answer, I believe, is quite simple. You see, there is another way to help the taxpayers. The other way is to do what no one wishes to do: cut expenses! Look, an increase in any taxes will hurt anyone on a fixed income. And, if all of you “tax increasers” have missed it, we have become a retirement community, which means “fixed income.” So, if you’re looking to get elected, I would advise you to find a way that does not hurt your strongest voting contingent; retired citizens! Want to help us all out? Get busy going through your budgets and cut those expenses where needed — and there are many.

Nick Caimano, Queensbury

Editor’s Note: The editorial board did not endorse the idea. As we stated in the editorial, we have lots of questions about how this would work. We did praise Mr. Beaty for looking for innovative ways to cut taxes.

Letter on militia left out perspective


In response to Karen Muhlig’s letter in the Thursday, Sept. 26 issue of The Post-Star entitled “Gun control is part of societal change,” I would like to point out that while Karen is correct that “We do have an armed militia — The National Guard,” she failed to mention Title 10 U.S. Code section 246, which states: “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or have made a declaration of intention to become citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.” When was the last time a uniformed National Guard member stopped a home invasion, rape or homicide?

Les Macura,

U.S. Navy (retired), Kingsbury

Meg Kelly works hard for Saratoga


Two years ago, I made a mistake and did not vote for Meg Kelly for Saratoga Springs mayor. This year I will.

Kelly has earned everyone’s vote. She has accomplished far more in her first term than the previous mayor did in four years. I am most impressed how she built trust and teamwork throughout City Hall, including with Commissioners Michele Madigan, John Franck, Skip Scirocco and Peter Martin. While Martin decided not to run, I’m confident that Robin Dalton will join the team and be an effective commissioner of public safety.

This team unclogged years of delays getting the City Center garage and Geyser Trails approved. Under Meg’s leadership, they also moved to a new temporary City Hall after the fire and were functioning in only five days. And they did all of this without increasing taxes.

Kelly has been very vocal describing Commissioner Madigan as an important partner whose re-election is critical to keeping the team productive.

This is a great year to split your ticket, although every one of my recommended candidates can be voted for on the Independence ticket.

Richard Sellers,

Saratoga Springs

Trump’s language impacts everyone


Donald Trump’s resort to crude name-calling continues to jar. Congressional oversight of a hugely troubling behavior by the president — a constitutional duty of the body — prompted Trump to call Democrats “scum.” I know socially acceptable language has slipped considerably since I was a high school teacher; however, debasing slur words are still not okay. I once told a student he was not invited to class and had to leave. Joe had been in the classroom before the bell, yet directed a similar Trumpian word to a pal out in the hall. For some strange reason preferring to be a graceful member of the class rather than thus “banished,” he proved himself contrite, appreciative and honorable. Was Trump never called upon to develop a filter? Does he think he is too grand to treat others, even those with whom he disagrees, with respect?

Shakespearean scholar Stephen Greenblatt writes about the character of Richard III in his book “Tyrant,” Richard’s “grotesque sense of entitlement, never doubting that he can do whatever he chooses.” Greenblatt expounds, “The feelings of others mean nothing to him. He has no natural grace, no sense of shared humanity, no decency.”

I’m left to wonder how the current president might be impacting our young people today.

Cindy Whitman, Glens Falls

Music and dance return to Glens Falls


Yesterday, Sept. 29, Maestro Peltz, after having finished last year’s concert series on a very high note, continued in the same vein this year with his opening concert. A year devoted to various compositions based on different forms of dances awaits the audience. Who would have thought that Flamenco dancing would come to the Glens Falls area? It was an outstanding presentation by the orchestra, the two dancers and the mezzo-soprano. I’m glad I have a series ticket for these programs this year.

Robert K. Flachbarth,


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