The South High Marathon Dance kicked off Friday evening.

This year’s theme is “Prehistoric,” and weeks in advance, students made cardboard cutouts of dinosaurs, cavemen, eggs and plenty of bones to decorate inside and outside the gymnasium.

Students performed choreographed dances during the opening ceremony of the South High Marathon Dance. More than 800 students signed up to dance during the fundraising event, which will benefit 42 recipients.

For those not able to get to the marathon dance, a live stream is available to watch at

With the official hashtag, #shmd18, it will be used across multiple social media platforms. The public will be able stay in the loop from the first song to the big fundraising total announcement and not have to be there in person.

As for Facebook, search for South High Marathon Dance. The entirety of the dance is expected to be streamed live on Facebook.

Photos by Shawn LaChapelle, Special to The Post-Star and Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli, and Adam Colver,

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