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All letters must be 300 words or less, and publication is limited to two letters per person every 30 days.

The letter writer must always be identified and their place of residence included.

The newspaper prefers letters to be submitted electronically if possible.

Letters will be published in the order in which they have been verified.

No form letters, anonymous letters or third-party letters will be published.

Letters must contain appropriate language and subject matter.

Letters must be in response to a specific event, letter to the editor or Post-Star newspaper article.

Personal letters regarding specifics of divorce or child-custody cases, or letters about individuals unique problems with particular businesses, will not be published.

All handwritten letters must be clearly legible.

Letters regarding upcoming elections, school board votes, etc, must be received by The Post-Star at least 10 days before the vote unless the editor agrees to waive the time restriction.

All facts in a letter must be able to be verified.

Letters cannot amount to an advertisement.

Accusations that may be libelous will not be allowed.

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We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity, conciseness, taste, and to prevent libel.You have 300 words remaining.
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