Warren County deeds Aug. 19 to Aug. 30

Warren County deeds Aug. 19 to Aug. 30

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Warren County deeds Aug. 19 to Aug. 30

Michael Archambault Dragos Minciunescu 61 Rhode Island Ave., Queensbury $164,800 Aug. 19
Adam and Lindsey Cossman Peter and Barbara Cossman Bolton $2.2 million Aug. 19
Edward Konwinski Jr. Anthony and Frieda Jane Garcia 46 Bronk Drive, Queensbury $249,000 Aug. 19
Kerri and Kevin Sanders William and Terry McGarr 56 Third St., Glens Falls $188,500 Aug. 19
Jane Schmidt and Frederick Bankosky MTGLQ Investors LP 12 Cherry St., Lake George $130,000 Aug. 20
Erik and Roseann Joule Martin Pavlik Warrensburg $32,000 Aug. 20
Adam Rogowski and Jami Durante Rogowski R. Eric and Lee Nilsestuen 102 Moose Ridge Drive, Warrensburg $480,000 Aug. 20
Jerome and Claudina Duval Joseph Lawless Bolton $420,000 Aug. 20
Timothy and Annemarie Murphy Andrew Dellipaoli Bolton $177,500 Aug. 20
Robert Shane Murray and Kayla Stone Beth Miksch 24 Hampton Court, Queensbury $260,000 Aug. 21
Stewart's Shops Corp. Rita Marshall-Dixon 258 and 260 Ridge St., Glens Falls $375,000 Aug. 21
Philip Curran Rhonda Bombard 14 Pheasant Walk, Queensbury $205,000 Aug. 21
Richard Dawson and Annetta Moore Phyllis Veronica Saroff, Michael Neil Gray, Arthur Levine and Susan Houston 10 7th Ave., Lake Luzerne $71,700 Aug. 21
Robbin MacFarran Lighthouse Solutions Consultants LLC Glens Falls $162,000 Aug. 21
Lorrie Ellen Strakos Joseph and Margaret Getz 9 Platt St., Glens Falls $148,400 Aug. 21
Beverly Lavick Melinda Avril Johnson Glens Falls $179,900 Aug. 22
Elijah George Harrison Kate Sauer-Jones 1805 Garnet Lake Road, Johnsburg $187,975 Aug. 22
James and Kim Dinelle Thomas and Janet Geiger 59 Woodridge Drive, Horicon $599,000 Aug. 22
Adam Todd and Christiana Ostrander Joan Maresco 13 Queen Mary Drive, Queensbury $120,510 Aug. 22
Douglas and Tracee Swan Apex Capital LLC 481 Glen St., Glens Falls $250,000 Aug. 22
Thomas and Alexandra Rivers Jean Dunkle 30 W. State St., Glens Falls $155,000 Aug. 22
Frank and Linda Perri Cynthia Borrelli 280 Middle Road, Lake George $498,500 Aug. 22
Samuel Younes Jr. Ruth Goldman 6 Amy Lane, Queensbury $180,200 Aug. 22
Reece Arthur LLC Clifford and Mary Quartiers 13 Kenworthy Ave., Glens Falls $120,000 Aug. 22
Brandon Crist John Curley 86 Glenwood Ave., Queensbury $139,500 Aug. 22
Adam and Taylor Polsinelli Daniel Snyder 100 Burnt Hills Drive, Queensbury $432,500 Aug. 23
Jonathan Louis Thron and Amy Kida Judith Marshall 34 Arbor Drive, Glens Falls $273,000 Aug. 23
George and Valerie Whisenant Gregory and Regina Garafalo 375 Luzerne Road, Queensbury $296,000 Aug. 23
Courtney Burns and Pamela Burns Gary Anzalone Chester $19,900 Aug. 26
Donna Hamilton Andrea Seamans and Donna Lyn Hamilton 98 Surrey Fields Drive, Queensbury $296,100 Aug. 26
William and Mary Hayes James MacNaughton, Christine MacNaughton and Mary MacNaughton Queensbury $170,000 Aug. 26
Lyndsey Stoller Michael and Carmen Della Bella 5 Elizabeth Lane, Queensbury $135,000 Aug. 26
Terri Parker David Wooding 72 John St., Queensbury $187,500 Aug. 26
John Beckem II Robert and Linda Monroe 28 Crandall St., Glens Falls $200,000 Aug. 26
John Flewelling and Shawna Eddy James and Samantha Lewis 27 Hillcrest Ave., Queensbury $182,000 Aug. 26
Edward and Lisa Breeyear Thomas Leroux, Patricia Leroux and Justin Fayette Queensbury $220,000 Aug. 26
Brenda Manra and Michael Ristau Olive Bay LLC Queensbury $246,000 Aug. 27
Jena and Josh Jacquard Jr. Buddie Allen Lake Luzerne $115,000 Aug. 27
David and Julie Kopyce Paul Belmonte 30 Green Harbour Lane, Lake George $775,000 Aug. 27
Sally Rose Pond LLC Brendan and Dawn Riordan Lake George $741,000 Aug. 27
Michael and Jennifer Adams Douglas and Nathalie Dunn Johnsburg $390,000 Aug. 27
Erin Barton John Grady Glens Falls $133,900 Aug. 27
David Prehoda Ronald and Patricia Simmons 223 Konci Terrace, Lake George $285,600 Aug. 28
Leonard ferri MTGLQ Investors LP 4 Windy Ridge Road, Glens Falls $216,500 Aug. 28
Kristin Friers Olin John Overlease 31 Nicole Drive, Queensbury $269,000 Aug. 28
Mikaela Colleen Shea Richard and Carlie Adams 28 Sweetbriar Lane, Queensbury $223,500 Aug. 28
Gerald Stockman JD Michaels Holdings LLC Queensbury $375,305 Aug. 28
Jacob Bardin and Shane Geidel Sarah Kowalski Queensbury $144,160 Aug. 28
Nancy Seid and Matthew Witten Susanna Palomares Lake Luzerne $130,000 Aug. 28
Michael Robertson and Mary Quinn Steven and Karen McDonald 9 Cardinale Lane, Queensbury $392,000 Aug. 29
Christopher and Kelly Sackett Jane Bradway, Bernard Holz, Priscilla Seguin and Sandra Sweet Lake George $251,000 Aug. 29
Kara Leboeuf Bessie and Mario Cruz 50 Nicole Drive, Queensbury $179,900 Aug. 29
Cathleen Bastible Daniel and Lori Berkowitz 7 5th Ave., Lake Luzerne $150,000 Aug. 29
John Sherrange Mary Dowmont 38 Fawn Lane, Queensbury $236,000 Aug. 29
New Beginnings 19 LLC Steve McCranels and Amy Ullrich 4959 Lake Shore Drive, Bolton $325,000 Aug. 29
Donald and Stephanie Principe Mary Stewart 4 Ryan Ave., Queensbury $91,800 Aug. 29
Richard and Kathryn Pettus Walter Steidinger Bolton $775,000 Aug. 30
Joseph and Brenda Wear Karen Kronenwetter Bolton $455,000 Aug. 30
Matthew Morretta Brian Worobey Lake George $132,500 Aug. 30
Susan Kozak Martin and Paulette Geruso Queensbury $170,000 Aug. 30
William Collier Robert and Jennifer Matthews 14 Carney Point Drive, Hague $550,000 Aug. 30
Garett Nadelson Richard and Seraphine Barton Lake George $415,000 Aug. 30
Marjorie and Thomas Tierney Jr. Sandra Chambers, Paul Chambers and Lisa Chambers Dunay Lake George $440,000 Aug. 30

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