New statue is a ‘big’ deal in Whitehall

Bravos to Whitehall businessman Paul Thompson for embracing the lore and legend of the existence of Bigfoot in Whitehall by commissioning an 11-foot, 8-inch steel sculpture that has literally stopped drivers in their tracks as they pass by. Thompson moved his stone business from Castleton six months ago. And while the statue is not quite a destination yet, we suspect it will quickly be part of the lore and legend of the creature around town.

Stefanik is against Arctic drilling

Bravos to Rep. Elise Stefanik for coming out against drilling for oil and gas in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Only in Congress could a tax relief bill have provisions for drilling in the Arctic. Stefanik was one of the few Republicans to vote against the original bill in the House before this provision was added in the Senate. We hope she continues to fight this provision in the bill.

Park to have railroad display

Bravos to Eric Unkauf for his plans to create a small park across from the The Shirt Factory Annex in Glens Falls that will also include a historical display commemorating the old Delaware and Hudson Railway. The railway spur — where the bike trail runs in the city now — went right past the Shirt Factory. Both the park and the historical display are great ideas.

New board member reaches out to colleagues

Bravos to new Queensbury Town Board member George Ferone for reaching out to the new Democratic members of the Town Board to get to know them and establish a relationship. Ferone was the lone new Republican elected – he was unopposed – in the recent town election. It is a great step forward and could be a way to mend political fences after a controversial town election.

Ferone endorses current town law firm

Boos to new Queensbury Town Board member George Ferone for his support of Queensbury’s current law firm without even hearing any of the new proposals to be submitted. Ferone also said he did not have a problem with the town attorney taking on leadership roles in political parties, saying “I would hope as attorneys they would walk a fine line.” Ferone should know that is not what happened previously with the Queensbury town attorney.

Communities consider firetruck deal

Bravos to Lake George Village Mayor Robert Blais for reaching out to Warrensburg Supervisor Kevin Geraghty about the possibility that the two communities could work together in funding a new tower firetruck. These trucks run almost $1 million and can be a burden for small communities. If multiple communities work together, it helps to defray the costs.

Dineen banner raised into rafters

Bravos to the Adirondack Thunder for honoring the late former Adirondack Red Wings coach Bill Dineen this weekend. Dineen was one of the most beloved sports figures in Glens Falls history and it was long overdue to have a banner with his name on it raised into the rafters at the Cool Insuring Arena.

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