As anyone who's ever worked with me will attest, technology and I aren't best buddies. I try to learn more than I absolutely will need to, but my mind has a built-in gag reflex. What do I basically need to achieve goal X? Then that and only that is what I will do.

But I like people. I like talking with them, interviewing them, chewing the fat and figuring out how we can get their stories and achievements in the paper and online.

The last couple of days bring to mind two examples: One soccer coach swore he was doing everything right on our online form, but it kept posting "invalid password." I knew his problem (because it had happened to me a couple times, too.) Basically, he needed to keep trying, but in lieu of that, I also knew a sure-fire shortcut that would "trick" the system and get us his score. it worked.

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Another example came when the coach in charge of giving us Foothills Council golf tournament results called and explained how the event's format didn't really fit in our form. I knew him well and told him to just send it to our general sports email and I'd take care of it. Little did I know, once it arrived, that it also featured a local boy as medalist. Say, I thought, I can put that on our cover. Win-win!

So, we may get a little more digital and a little less paper-oriented in our future, but one thing won't change: we'll still need people who don't mind sharing their stories with us, so we can share them with an even larger audience.

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