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Thunder vs. Brampton

Adirondack’s Vytal Cote (left) battles with Brampton’s Mike Folkes during Saturday’s game.

Sometimes deadline and other circumstances mix in such a way that writers can't get everything in a story that they'd like to, and that happened to me tonight with my story on the Thunder's 4-3 shootout win over Brampton.

Specifically, I didn't include any of head coach Brad Tapper's comments, and that's too bad. He's thoughtful, smart, well-spoken and funny. So why not include them here?

Without further adieu:

(How big was it to get 4 points out of this weekend?) "Huge, that was huge to get 4 points. That's a good hockey club, Brampton. They're coached very well. ... I was very proud of our group. We're down a lot of bodies. We said this morning this is a good opportunity for a lot of guys to step up. You know, Radjenovic, nice goal. Murphy chipped in. Every line chipped in. Leblond, he drew a penalty and we went on the power play. It was really nice to see the camraderie in our group.

"It was nice to see Drew get into a groove after that quick goal from the corner, bad-angle shot. He wishes he could have that one back. He's a great kid and he means well. But he got into a groove and really helped us. They had a chance to score with 5 seconds left, almost buried one on us."

(You got a low-angle goal yourself, on Murphy's first goal): "We're all in this league for a reason and we're all in development-wise, so we talk about filtering pucks to the net, so it was nice to see us filter pucks to the net and go in."

(What was going through your mind in the shootout?) "I actually don't look. When our guys are going, I look down and listen for the fans. When they go, I look at the scoreboard. I'm a little superstitious, it worked this time, I'll keep doing it.

"I don't know who you pick, it's a toss-up. We watch them in practice all the time, I ask Alex (Loh, assistant coach), for sure, what he's thinking, and he said, 'tell Murph,' so we told Murph. Murph went and he scored, so Alex deserves a lot of credit there.

(Fielding made two huge saves at the beginning of the 3-on-3) "The toe save was one. He battled. He's a little guy, but those little guys are fast. When guys cut across the crease and try to stuff it far side, they're surprised how quick these kids are, so great on Drew -- he got the hammer in the locker room for player of the game. It was nice to see."



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