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It turns out that the immigration issue is not just something that southern states should be concerned about.

As we have learned over the past two weeks of our immigration series, enforcing the current immigration statutes to the letter of the law could have devastating effect on local farmers and other businesses locally.

Dave Blow has tackled this issue from all sides, and while it is a long read, I urge every reader to go through it. I thought Dave has done an outstanding job of showing the nuances of the law, and presenting both sides of the argument.

Much of the reaction that we heard after Part 1 was that it was sad that so many families have to go through this, but the law must be obeyed.

Our editorial addresses that on Sunday’s opinion page with a simple solution that sometimes there are bad laws that need to be fixed.

This may be one of those times, but so far Congress has not been up to the task.

Reporter Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli will take over the next two parts of the series, beginning with the effect that the immigration enforcement is having on track workers in Saratoga.

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Ken Tingley is Editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. and writes a regular blog called "The Front Page."

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