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Ken Tingley is Editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. and writes a regular blog called "The Front Page."

On Election Day, we sent reporter Kathleen Moore on a tour of polling sites all across the region. The goal was not only to give our readers an indication about voter turnout during the day, but to provide a mood at the polls and why people were voting the way they were.

President Trump’s name came up a lot during her interviews.

But what was especially unnerving was that when Kathleen asked about state Senate races – Betty Little vs. Emily Martz and Aaron Gladd vs. Daphne Jordan, voters eyes glazed over. Few seem to know who she was talking about. It appears by the results many voters just blindly voted for the party of their choice without knowing the candidates at all.

It’s the only conclusion I can reach after seeing that Aaron Gladd lose his race in the 43rd Senate District.

Gladd was the kind of candidate you dream about in the Legislature This was a poor kid from Saranac Lake who didn’t have a traditional family life and worked his way through college, joined the military and served in Afghanistan before working in the Cuomo administration.

He is smart, down to earth, knows how government works because he has seen it on the inside and would be capable of representing his district well. The Post-Star editorial board voted unanimously to endorse him. We thought he was one of the best candidates we had seen in a long time. There is nothing like meeting a person face-to-face to discuss the issues to give you a handle on their abilities. Gladd was the whole package.

And yet Gladd lost Tuesday night, probably because of his connection to Gov. Cuomo. That was not fair and if voters had bothered at all to review his candidacy, or meet the man, the choice would have been clear.

The problem with our political system is often bad candidates. But too often it is voters who are too lazy to even review a candidate before voting.

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