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BLOG: Catching up with Greta Thunberg

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This past December I introduced you to 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, thanks to a suggestion from a Post-Star reader.

Thunberg boycotted school for three weeks in Sweden to draw attention to climate change. She sat quietly outside the legislature in Stockholm with a sign reading “School strike for climate.”

The story of this young girl with Asperger’s received international attention. She inspired protests in The Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Denmark. She spoke at demonstrations calling for action in Brussels and London, where she told world leaders they were not mature enough to tell the truth about climate change.

Young people in Australia walked out of school in mass with Thunberg as inspiration.

And she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Greta Thunberg is coming to New York.

She has been invited to participate the United Nations climate talks in September.

But here is the deal, Greta Thunberg is walking the walk when it comes to her own carbon footprint.

She stopped eating meat because of the methane that cows produce. And she refused to fly across the Atlantic for her U.N. commitment. Instead, she left Tuesday on a small racing yacht in what is expected to be a two-week crossing in Spartan conditions.

The 60-foot vessel has no toiler, very little light and no Internet access. The seas are expected to be rough.

Antonio Guterres, the U.N. secretary general, says it is young activists like Thunberg who are needed to save the planet.

But not everyone has been complimentary. The New York Times reported that Steve Milloy, a former member of the Trump transition team called her “the ignorant teenage climate puppet” on Twitter.

Bon Voyage Greta Thunberg.

We need you to save us.

Ken Tingley is the editor of The Post-Star and may be reached via email at  His blog  “The Front Page” discusses issues about newspapers and journalism. You can also follow him on Twitter at



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