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It’s Election Day and every citizen should vote.

I believe many of you don’t because you just don’t know who the best candidate is. You’ve been too busy living your own life to really pay much attention to the election.

It is still not too late.

This past Saturday we published an Election Guide that included capsule summaries of each candidate. In their own words, candidates explained their background, why they are running and what they believe are the important issues.

If you want to go further, you can read the stories we did on all the supervisor candidates and the Town Board and City Council candidates in Queensbury and Glens Falls, respectively.

If you want to go deeper still, you can check out our endorsement editorials. Our editorial board spent 30 minutes with 39 different candidates before making our endorsement.

I can make a pretty good case that the people at the local level impact your lives far more than anyone in Washington.

Do your homework.

Then get out there and vote.



Ken Tingley is Editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. and writes a regular blog called "The Front Page."

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