The episode of the anonymous op-ed, written by someone high up in the Trump administration, reminds me of a great book written by Kurt Vonnegut, "Mother Night." Briefly, the story is about a Nazi propagandist who is actually an American spy. The problem is, he's good at being a Nazi propagandist, and he doesn't even know what the information is that he's passing to the Americans. The question arises whether he is actually doing more to help the Nazis than to hurt them.

The moral of the story, announced by Vonnegut at the beginning, is "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." I'm not a big fan of Vonnegut's work, which has a flippancy to it I dislike. But I think this idea and this book are profound and are relevant to the op-ed situation.

Here we have a person working inside the Trump administration while professing to fear Trump and to consider him a danger to the country. But the question arises (as many people have pointed out), is this person facilitating Trump's continuing hold on power and, therefore, perpetuating the danger he warns of, by working for Trump? And the writer says others in the Trump administration feel the same way — so are they doing more to help Trump or to hurt him? 

I believe they are helping Trump, by continuing to give him the legitimacy he needs, and they believe he does not deserve. If the writer is sincere and he and the others believe Trump is a danger to the country, then they should come forward and identify themselves and say so, now.

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