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Notes from Ian

These two notes from Ian Rankin were enclosed in a surprise envelope from Scotland that arrived at our house on Thursday.

In a recent story I wrote about the trip my wife, Bella, and I took to Scotland, I mentioned that we had tried to track down the crime fiction author Ian Rankin, who lives in Edinburgh, and that we had left a letter for him at the pub he is known to frequent.

On Thursday, among bills in the mail was a letter to Bella addressed in my handwriting. I didn't realize what it was as I carried it in the house, but after Bella opened it and just about hit the ceiling jumping around, I remembered. With the letter to Rankin, I'd left a stamped, addressed envelope so he could easily write Bella a note. 

Well, he wrote her two notes, as you can see in the accompanying photo. One says, "Best wishes from the Oxford Bar!" The other says, "Sorry to miss you in Scotland. Keep reading!"

So now we know that, in addition to being an excellent writer, Rankin is a classy guy.

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