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Reporter for The Post-Star, covering the city of Glens Falls, town and village of Lake George and northern Warren County communities.

Because of the snowstorm forecast for Wednesday, which turned out to be not as bad as anticipated, I decided to work from home.

It is amazing what the miracles of modern technology such as a cell phone, computer and internet connection can allow you to do. A meeting I was going to cover to discuss school safety was preemptively rescheduled because of the forecast, so there was no need for me to make the drive up to Glens Falls from my home in southern Saratoga County. I had notes from the Planning Board meeting I covered on Tuesday in a Notes file on my cellphone, (which I had typed at the meeting using my Bluetooth keyboard that syncs up with the phone to turn it into a mini computer screen.) I had also emailed some other notes to myself.

An interview I planned to do in person about the Lake George Junior-Senior High School vice principal controversy, I instead did over the phone and took notes using my laptop. The person emailed me some documents to my work cell phone, which I then forwarded to my personal email account and reviewed then to write the story.

The story ended up being so compelling, I decided to file it immediately instead of holding it another day. I was able to email the board president and get a comment and also forward those documents to them for their review.

Plus, my editor had emailed another suggestion to my list about a new city parade.

I emailed all the finished stories to my editor. 

I was able to get a lot accomplished, while fending off my 9-month-old, who wanted to pull on my laptop cord.

All in all, a good days’ work in unusual circumstances.


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