News flash. Reporters make mistakes, but it does not have to be a federal case.

On Feb. 20, I received an email with the subject line “Re: false information you wrote.” That concerned me. I worried I had misquoted somebody or had wrong figures in an article.

When I opened the email, it was from someone named Greg Fisher from a website called Truth and Falsity.com, pointing out that I accidentally referring to Chuck Schumer as the Senate majority leader, instead of the minority leader, in a blog I wrote on Jan. 14 about the average citizen not being able to get a timely response from elected officials about the border wall and border security funding during the government shutdown. He asked if anybody edited my piece before it ran.

I wrote back to Fisher, thanking him for pointing out the error and saying that I could fix it online. I said that blogs are typically self-edited.

That explanation did not satisfy him and he wrote back:

“The odds of your missing the i key and striking the a (with your right hand, crossing to the extreme left side of the keyboard) are very small. Granted, j and n are adjacent on keyboards, but smaller still are the odds that that was followed by j instead of n, perfectly forming the exact opposite word that you meant to type.”

He wanted to know the correction policy.

I thought that this guy has too much time on his hands. I do believe there is political bias in the media, but in this case he was trying to read too much into a simple brain freeze with me writing majority instead of minority. Reporters write thousands of words per week. Mistakes are bound to happen.

It was not some big pro-Schumer conspiracy at work.

See the blog (as corrected) by clicking HERE

Schumer did get back to me, by the way. On

Feb. 21, I finally received the following reply via email:

“Dear Mr. Goot:

Thank you for contacting me about President Trump’s proposed border wall. I share your concern about safety at our borders and strengthening our immigration laws.

In 2013, I worked with Senators McCain, Graham, Rubio, Flake, Durbin, Menendez, and Bennet to draft S.744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. That bill would have strengthened our southern border, provided more resources to interior enforcement and forced employers to verify that their employees were U.S. citizens. While that bill passed the Senate, the House refused to consider it. I will continue to try to find ways to improve our immigration system and keep our country secure.

Again, I thank you for contacting me. Please keep in touch with your thoughts and opinions.”


Charles E. Schumer

United States Senator”

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