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Reporter for The Post-Star, covering the city of Glens Falls, town and village of Lake George and northern Warren County communities.

My cats

The Glens Falls Common Council is proposing a local law to allow the remains of pets to be interred with their owners. This reflects a state law that changed last year permitting this practice. I don't think I want to be interred with the remains of my cats, Callie (left), and Stash who I plan to outlive. 

Soon, you may be able to be buried with the ashes of Fido or Fluffy in Glens Falls Cemetery.

The Glens Falls Common Council is set to introduce a resolution at its meeting on Tuesday to permit people to be buried with their cremated pets in the same cemetery plot.

The state last year passed a law allowing New Yorkers to be buried with their cremated remains of their pets. The council is following through with its own local law that was crafted with the recommendation of the city’s Cemetery Commission.

The proposal calls for the remains to be buried within the casket of the owner at the time of death or in a separate container within the same grave owner and buried at the same time.

No separate burial plot will be dug. Pet ashes would be required to be in a separate container from human ashes and no ashes from pets or humans are to be scattered on any lot within the cemetery. People must be required to submit a cremation certificate or poof of cremation before a pet can be buried in the cemetery. There would be a filing fee of $50 for the service, the draft resolution states.

People would be required to submit proof of the plot custodian’s authorization allowing for burial of the pet on the plot, the name of the pet and animal type, date of death and interment date of pet, location of internment and whether interred with within the casket with the owner or separately, according to the draft resolution.

I’m not sure if I would want my cats to be buried with me. However, I plan on outliving our family’s two current cats Callie and Stash.


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