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Glens Falls City Hall

Glens Falls City Hall is seen. The Common Council on Tuesday will adopting its $18.433 million budget

Sometimes, stories about budgets will make your eyes glaze over.

It is that time of the year when city and town budgets are being approved. The figures can get very complicated, especially in town budgets that have a village inside of them. You have town expenses, highway expenses, town outside the village expense. Then, you add water districts, sewer districts, lighting districts and fire districts.

City budgets are a little more straightforward. There are no special districts. I was thrown for a loop when I was trying to finish up a preview story for the public hearing Tuesday on the city budget. When I clicked on the agenda, the first thing that confused me was it said the overall spending plan was $18.55 million. That was higher than the $18.375 million preliminary budget I had written about, so I knew some things were added.

Mike Mender, assistant to Mayor Dan Hall, provided me information that there some additional items included in the budget including adding another part-time code enforcement officer and part-time webmaster. However, that totaled $57,000 by my math and that did not match up with the $18.55 million figure.

After working on the story off and on throughout the day, I found out that there was an error in the agenda and the actual budget being adopted $18.443 million.

That solved that problem.

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Michael Goot covers politics, business, the city of Glens Falls and the town and village of Lake George. Reach him at 518-742-3320 or and follow his blog at


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