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On Tuesday, I had two meetings at the same time. I chose Moreau, where I was expecting an important vote on a lawsuit settlement. My colleague volunteered to cover the special South Glens Falls meeting.

It was a shot in the dark, because the village didn’t post an agenda in advance, but we figured there should be something newsworthy at a special meeting during budget preparations.

When my colleague got there, Mayor Joe Orlow asked him who he was. He explained he was from the Post-Star.

“No Kathleen?” Orlow said with relish.

No, my colleague said, she had a Moreau meeting so she couldn’t be at both.

Orlow then admitted he’d scheduled the special meeting “kind of hoping that would happen.”

How nice. Perhaps I should post my entire meeting schedule on this blog so that he can more easily try to avoid press attention?

This is getting filed right up there with the complaint I received from a voter who told me I should consider myself lucky that Orlow allowed me to attend “his” meetings.

I feel so lucky.

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