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Even in high school, I never saw anyone get mad enough during an argument that they proposed going outside for a fistfight.

So why is it that it happened three times at Tuesday’s Moreau Town Board meeting?

And it’s not the first time.

In my professional office, I don’t think I’d have a job even five minutes after asking a coworker to “take this outside.”

I recognize that you can’t fire politicians mid-term, but all of them have held jobs at which someone is their boss. Most of them still have a job like that. If they act like that at work, how are they still employed?

And if they don’t act that way at work, why the hell are they doing it at a town board meeting? Do they think it impresses the public? Do they always want to intimidate people to win arguments, and now they figure they can finally get away with it since they can’t be fired mid-term?

Either way, it’s a sad example of democracy.

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