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Last night, Queensbury Town Board member Doug Irish complained about the paper at length at the Town Board meeting.

He offered reasonable objections to recent editorials about the state audit that Supervisor John Strough did not give the board (and which the board didn’t ask to see).

But then he went beyond criticizing the editorials.

He described the paper as “akin to fiction.”

“You can’t believe half the things that’s in it,” he said.

I wonder if he considered my story, in which Strough admitted he had not given the board the audit, in the “true” half of the paper. Irish thanked me publicly during his complaint - but only for calling him. He didn't mention my story. If he liked it, of course he couldn't mention it was any good without undercutting his message.

See, that’s the problem with trying to persuade people that the newspaper is full of fake news. In the short-term, it might make people think that something negative about you is not true. But when we write things that you like, the people you persuaded to stop trusting the paper will think those stories are just as false.

Granted, Irish isn’t worried about that. He said last night that he would use Twitter and Facebook to get his message out without the newspaper.

I just wonder how effective that would be in the case of international, national or even just outside-Queensbury news.

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