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Cardboard boat races (copy)

Every municipality would receive $20,000 under a new Saratoga County revenue sharing plan, which would allow each to enhance whatever makes their municipality great - like the cardboard boat races in Schuylerville. In this photo, Tara Letzring takes a picture of her son, Dominic Letzring, left, and his cousin, Aiden McMahon, at the 14th annual Schuylerville Cardboard Boat Races at Fort Hardy Park in Schuylerville.

UPDATE: When a municipality not a municipality? The $20,000 apparently would NOT apply to South Glens Falls and Schuylerville, both of which are villages. Moreau, a town, would get money.

The press release announcing this said "all Saratoga County municipalities will each receive $20,000 annually for the next 20 years from the county..." which led me to think the villages were included.

However, I missed the fact that the press release also kept referring to investment in "towns and cities."

Supervisor Todd Kusnierz set me straight. Too bad for the villages.


Some money may be coming to South Glens Falls, Schuylerville and Moreau – and every other municipality in Saratoga County.

They would each receive $20,000 a year for the next 20 years, according to an agreement reached in committee at the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.

The full board hasn't voted on it yet, but it appears to have wide support.

The idea is that the county will turn over the money without any strings. Municipalities can spend it on anything they want.

The money would come from tipping fees collected at the former county landfill. Of those fees, $420,000 would be evenly distributed to the county’s 21 municipalities.

The county sold the landfill in 2013, but the sale included a revenue-sharing agreement for tipping fees. Municipalities are already getting a share of that revenue, which is distributed in the same way as the county’s sales tax revenue. This proposal, for $20,000, would be on top of that distribution.

“This is good news for towns across the county,” said Ballston Supervisor Tim Szczepaniak, Chair of the Public Works Committee, in a statement. “The county’s investment in our small and growing communities will have a positive impact on local finances, and give local boards the opportunity to make investments on projects or programs important to their communities.”

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