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Every year, there’s a movie that makes this obsessive Oscar-nominee-watching worthwhile. We stumble across something amazing that we would never have otherwise seen.

“The Wife” is that movie.

It’s about the wife of a Nobel laureate. He’s getting the award, and between each scene we see a brief scene from their past.

Every skip in time completely changes the way we see the characters. And the end is genuinely surprising and gripping.

We had to stop the movie several times to hotly debate what we would do, in that situation, and who was more to blame for it – him or her?

My wife maintained that the husband could have taken many direct actions to avoid the situation, and therefore he was to blame.

But the whole mess was the wife’s idea, and she’s the one who stuck with it all this time. I maintained that she should’ve taken charge and gotten out of the situation.

I can’t tell you more than that without giving it all away. But if you see it, I want you to come over for dinner to join our debate.

Glenn Close (the wife)was nominated for actress in a leading role. It’s too bad the movie wasn’t nominated for more – I would support Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay nominations.

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